The Making of a Medieval City

The growth of Ireland's capital during a fascinating period of history told with passion and imagination by real experts. Through archaeological finds, documents, maps and photographs, discover the realities of life in medieval Dublin: trade, customers, guilds, crime, religion and much more.


Best Museum Publication - 2003

Heritage Council/Northern Ireland Museums Council - Winner

Paperback: €12.99
Paperback: 128 pages
Size:260x197 mm
ISBN: 9781788491204

Category: Dublin, History

Themes: Information

Dublin: The Making of a Medieval City is the story of a unique period in Irish history told with passion, imagination and accuracy. This book leads the reader through the noise and bustle of the medieval streets of Dublin looking at all aspects of life, from religion to trade, from crafts to government and from buildings to lifestyles. Based on the hugely successful exhibition on medieval Dublin -- Dublinia -- this book is both a stand alone accessible and authoritative introduction to life in the medieval city, and also a souvenir to one of Dublin's most exciting historical experiences. Whether you are an armchair enthusiast for all things historic, a Dubliner looking for your city to surprise you, or a visitor to the city, this book will fascinate and intrigue you.

Previously published as Dublinia (9780862787868)

Howard Clarke

Howard Clarke, a director of The Medieval Trust, the parent body of Dublinia Ltd, has published extensively on the history of medieval Dublin and the Viking Age in general.

Sarah Dent

Sarah Dent is archaeological curator and education officer at Dublinia

Ruth Johnston

Ruth Johnson, the current city archaeologist for Dublin City Council, is a former curator of Dublinia and an internationally recognised expert on the Viking Age.

'A great book ... truly lovely'

Pat Kenny

'A stunning guide to life, religion, government, immigration, trade, medicine and the role of women within the city during that period ... An invaluable souvenir for any visitor.'

Evening Herald Evening Herald

'The enjoyment of this book ... is immensely enhanced by the superb illustrations of sites and artefacts.'

Bookview Ireland

'A lively and richly-illustrated book'

Read Ireland

'An exceptionally well designed and lively pictorial record of the old strumpet city herself in colourful and fascinating pages.'

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