Dodos Are Not Extinct!

Dodos Are Not Extinct!

Dodos are extinct, right?
They’re not! They’re just in disguise, and they’re not the only ones. This book reveals the secrets of the woolly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and even dinosaurs! These famous creatures are in disguise everywhere, so keep your eyes peeled! You never know who might be right under your nose . . .

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Dodos are extinct, right?
They’re not! They’re just in disguise, and they’re not the only ones. This book reveals the secrets of the woolly mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers and even dinosaurs! These famous creatures are in disguise everywhere, so keep your eyes peeled! You never know who might be right under your nose …
From author-illustrator Paddy Donnelly comes a hilarious story that will keep kids giggling and guessing on every page.

Paddy Donnelly

Paddy Donnelly is an Irish author and illustrator living in Belgium. He grew up on the north coast of Ireland, surrounded by mythical stories of giants, magical creatures and shape-shifting animals. All of this, set in a stunning landscape from another time, prompted his love of nature, animals, the sea and storytelling. He creates his illustrations digitally, but loves working with a textured, painterly approach. The Vanishing Lake was his debut author-illustrated picture book, based on a real lake close to his childhood home in Ireland. His most recent book is Fox & Son Tailers, published in 2022. He wishes Pluto were still a planet.

‘Deliciously daft, beautifully illustrated, and a wonderful way to get children to really look at the wildlife around them.’

M.G. Leonard, Beetle Boy


(Now I know why my teacher had such a long tail.)’

Karl Newson, I Am a Tiger

If you enjoy a picture book that makes you sit up and pay attention whilst delivering lots of giggles then Dodos Are Not Extinct will be a good choice … Paddy Donnelly’s trademark witty illustrations and fabulous sense of humour …O’Brien Books picked a winner with this publication which is going to win the hearts and giggles of every reader. Did you know that right there, under your very nose, there could be an animal in disguise. Do you know how to look, where to look, how to spot them? After sharing this story you’ll be far more aware and more right than wrong too. Of course it’s not easy and with every page you’ll be continually guessing but that makes it even more fun to read. With so much to take in you’ll need to come back to this story more than once

Armadillo Magazine

Amidst all the fun and frivolity, however, the Antrim-born author makes some serious points. Giving examples and information on species no longer extant, some due to climate changes but more of them because of the actions of humans, in some instances within the last century, he makes a plea for creatures now on the endangered list … Sufficiently silly to entertain young readers, this latest picture book from the creator of The Vanishing Lake and last year’s Fox & Son Tailers also opens readers’ minds to the importance of protecting the world’s rapidly-declining biodiversity

The Echo

a humorous children’s book that has a fun and lighthearted feel, wherein the protagonist, Dodo, wants to let us in on a big secret about ‘extinct’ animals that are here and there among us incognito! The illustrations are amusing and visually pleasing and there is a lot of learning to be gleaned from the book in a very natural way. It is definitely a book that opens up many lines of conversation with children …I feel this book would be best suited to children from about 5 to 8 years as they would be well able to engage in conversation around the animals and what it means that they are now extinct. The appendix would serve as excellent personal reading for children from ages 7 or 8 and beyond. From a teaching point of view the book would be very useful as a starting point for a lesson or series of lessons for children even up to fifth or sixth class. There would be a wealth of teaching material in the area of SESE around climate change, animal welfare, history, myths and legends, world geography etc.

Seomra Ranga - Nollaig Bourke, teacher in Scoil Naomh Eoin, Killenard, Co. Laois

yet another treasure … In his own whacky way, Donnelly raises awareness about how we must strive to protect planet Earth if we are to continue sharing it with such magnificent creatures. His illustrations are vibrant, quirky, and full of imagination with a distinct flair to them. On the final pages, he includes a list of other animals who no longer exist and a gentle introduction about why dodos are, in fact, extinct. What’s wonderful about Donnelly’s books is that you never know what he will write about next, but you do know it will be worth a read. He is taking the children’s literature scene by storm, I’m eager to see what he writes next

Irish Examiner

a playful introduction to evolution, reframing extinction as an animal’s natural instinct to survive. Dodos aren’t really extinct, they have just dressed themselves up as toucans. Woolly mammoths, meanwhile, have shaved their fur and are hiding in plain sight in an elephant stampede. That pelican you see? Well, it may be a pterodactyl with a prosthetic beak. Donnelly’s illustrations excel at capturing a cheeky “don’t look at me” expression in the various animal characters’ eyes, while a short nonfiction postscript puts the book’s talking points into a child-friendly, real-world context

Irish Times

absolutely hilarious … we touch on the fascinating lives of many extinct animals who have simply disguised themselves to blend in with the contemporary world and escape the fame and attention of prying eyes; woolly mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers, moas…even dinosaurs. (Apparently, one of our top surgeons is a velociraptor. Who knew?!?) This most entertaining tale invites the reader to look carefully, use your imagination and laugh long and hard. A guide to the (actually and sadly) extinct creatures is in the back of the book and explains how and why they died out. With bright colours, lively and creative scenarios and real consideration given to Life on planet Earth; full of laughs, knowledge and imagination. One not to miss!

Fallen Star Stories

Highly recommended … fabulous … The illustrations are full of humour, and every spread is bustling with activity. Readers will just love this book, which is indeed the intent of this well-known and award-winning author-illustrator … After reading these facts, readers will surely want to peruse the story again, new knowledge firing their imaginations as they enjoy the fantasy the author has created. Splendid, a book for every library, classroom and home

Books for Keeps

from the immediately recognisable hand of Irish writer and illustrator Paddy Donnelly comes a wonderful story about extinct and endangered animals, who may not have been completely wiped out at all! … a daft and brilliant book that will prove a winner with inquisitive children, parents, teachers, and anyone with an interest in environmental issues

Inis Magazine

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