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Wolfgran Returns

Wolfgran Returns

Written by Finbar O'Connor, Illustrated by Martin Fagan

Inspector Plonker is once more on the trail of his old enemy, Wolfgran, but this time he's going undercover.

E-Book (ePub): €5.50
ISBN: 9781847174970

Category: Children's fiction

Inspector Plonker is once more on the trail of his old enemy, Wolfgran, but this time he's going undercover. Disguised in a pantomime wolf suit, can the Inspector and his faithful sidekick Sergeant Snoop escape being throttled by Granny Riding Hood's nephew, blasted by the Chief of Police, hand-bagged by a bus queue full of very cranky old ladies and run over by the terrifying vets from TV's ‘Pet Patrol'?

And will they manage to stop the Big Bad Wolf before he gets to the Grand Gala Bingo Night and finally makes a meal of Little Red Riding Hood?

Finbar O'Connor
Finbar O'Connor is the author of Wolfgran, in the O’Brien Red Flag Series for readers age 8+. He grew up in Finglas, Dublin and went to Trinity College Dublin, where he studied French and English, after which he went to work as a librarian for Dublin City Libraries. He is married and has two daughters, Esmé and Freya. Finbar's hobbies are music, natural history and writing. His favourite authors are PG Wodehouse, JRR Tolkien, Flann O’Brien, and Terry Pratchett. His ambition is to make a living out of one of his hobbies. Wolfgran, Finbar's first book for children, was published in September 2001.

'A clever mix of nursery rhyme characters and whacky imagination, Mr O'Connor has devised a clever sequel in the delightful Wolfgran series. As the title suggests, Wolfgran has returned to pursue his quest to gobble up Little Red Riding Hood - while pursued by Inspector Plonker and his sidekick, Sergeant Snoop. Packed with little old ladies and inept adults, this book is a hilarious romp.'

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Rights Held: World, all languages
Rights Sold: Australia, New Zealand, Serbian, South Africa

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