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Wild Dublin

Wild Dublin

Exploring Nature in the City

Written by Eanna Ní Lamhna, Photographs by Anthony Woods, Illustrated by David Daly

This lavish, entertaining and uniquely visual nature book is exciting to read, up to date and comprehensive in its information.

A truly stunning book, full of fascinating facts and beautiful photos, showing a city we thought we knew in a new light.


Reading Association of Ireland Award - 2009

- Short-listed

Paperback: €14.99
Paperback: 192 pages
Size:244x190 mm
ISBN: 9781847171429

Category: Nature

Themes: Animal Life

Extract available: read some of this book now ...

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Download Extract: amphibians and insects in Dublin's waterways (4 pages)

Above buildings, beneath rivers and canals, amidst bushes and trees … inside the M50 nature abounds.

A lavish, entertaining and uniquely visual nature book. Exciting to read, up to date and comprehensive in its information.

Minks in the Dodder, whales on the coastline, bats in Raheny, newts in Dundrum, badgers in Rathfarnham, otters in Ringsend – these are just some of the fantastic creatures to be seen in the capital.

Éanna’s intriguing running commentary both entertains and explains, and this is a book for the entire family.

Contains exclusive new photographs by Anthony Woods and specially commissioned watercolours by David Daly.

A truly stunning book, full of fascinating facts and beautiful photos, showing a city we thought we knew in a new light.

Eanna Ní Lamhna

Éanna Ní Lamhna has a degree in Botany and Mircobiology and a H. Dip in Education from UCD. She is a long-standing member of the panel of experts on RTÉ’s wildlife programme ‘Mooney goes Wild’, and one of the most instantly recognisable voices on Irish radio. Originally from Louth, she now lives in Dublin, since 1967, and has been president of An Taisce since July 2004. Éanna is also the author of several other popular wildlife books. Her books Talking Wild (2002) and Wild and Wonderful (2004) and Straight Talking Wild (2006) were published by Townhouse.

'a remarkable testimony to what manages to live in the urban jungle … fine photography by Anthony Woods … the detail in the photographs is astonishing'

Books Ireland

'delightful … reveals the wealth of nature that is to be found in Dublin city … informative and unflagging in its enthusiasm'


'Excellent book, generously illustrated by photographer Anthony Woods, a terrific addition to the genre. Apart from its descriptions of creatures and their habitats, there are gems of information'

Irish Independent

'Ní Lamhna has provided a vivid account of the urban flora and fauna and covers a prodigious range of subjects. Words and pictures fuse seamlessly in this lively celebration of nature in Dublin'

Irish Examiner

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Rights Held: World, all languages

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