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The Pain in my Chest

The Pain in my Chest

Written by Áine Murray, Illustrated by Bronagh Lee

I longed to be the hero in the school play,
to make new friends
and have a big birthday –

But I’ve always been stopped

By the Pain in my Chest …

An uplifting story of how children can beat those anxious feelings

Paperback: €9.99
This edition is not available yet.
Published: May
Paperback: 32 pages
Size:240x240 mm
ISBN: 9781788493550

Through this rhyming tale, we follow our young narrator through a series of stressful situations. She wants to try out for the school play and make a new friend at dance camp - but the pain in her chest always gets in her way. She finally opens up to her Mum who explains the pain in her chest is called 'anxiety'. With her Mum's understanding and support, she slowly cures the pain in her chest.

Áine Murray is a primary school teacher from Navan, Co. Meath. She received her Bachelor of Psychology and her Professional Masters in Education at Maynooth University. Áine has always loved working with young children and, as a teacher, has a keen interest in helping young people to understand the importance of positive relationships and normalising mental health.

Bronagh Lee

Bronagh Lee is a visual artist working in illustration, book design, drawing and painting. She graduated from NCAD with a BA Hons in Printmaking in 2016, followed by a course in Graphic Design.

Her work is playful, whimsical and fluid, a process she marries with a keenly observed layering of detail. Her illustrations evoke a sense of poignancy and old-world charm that is subtly blended with her own individual contemporary style of textured warmth, colour and movement.

Bronagh mixes a digital and analogue world to create work that explodes with colour, texture and vivid life as though viewed through a softened lens of innocence and childlike joy.

Bronagh has illustrated a number of books including ‘The Tree by the Sea’ series by Debbie Deegan and ‘Rosie’s Magic Umbrella’ by Karen Ryan.

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