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The Broken Spell

The Broken Spell

Trainee witch Grace and her four best friends love to have fun with spells. But the daring friends make a magical mistake that drags the past into the present. Suddenly Grace has to work out who she can really trust ...

Paperback: €8.99
Paperback: 256 pages
Size:196x130 mm
ISBN: 9781847172969

E-Book (ePub): €5.99
Also available as an E-Book (ePub)
ISBN: 9781847176165

When you don’t know who to trust…

Trainee witch Grace and her four best friends love to have fun with their spells. So when the dazzling Ms Gold comes along offering to help the talented young coven, they jump at the chance. Before long they are becoming blonde bombshells, creating cute pets out of thin air, not to mention taking fabulous flying lessons!

But the daring friends make a magical mistake that drags the past into the present. Suddenly Grace has to work out who she can really trust...

An ancient enchantment, a test of loyalty, and a true friendship. But has Grace learned enough to smash an ancient spell and save the girls – and herself?

Sequel to the hugely popular The Demon Notebook.

Erika McGann

Erika McGann grew up in Drogheda, County Louth, and now lives in Dublin. She is the author of The Demon Notebook, winner of the Waverton Good Read Children’s Award, The Broken Spell, The Watching Wood and The Midnight Carnival, the ‘Cass and the Bubble Street Gang’ series, and four picture books, Where Are You, Puffling?, Puffling and the Egg (which was nominated for an Irish Book Award) and Wee Donkey’s Treasure Hunt, all illustrated by Gerry Daly, and The Night-time Cat and the Plump, Grey Mouse, illustrated by Lauren O’Neill. Erika’s most recent book is Tabitha Plimtock and the Edge of the World

will appeal to confident readers with a liking for fast-paced action and magical happenings

The School Librarian

amidst all the magic, the portrayal of the girls’ relationships is a very strong aspect to this novel, with sharp observations and perceptive descriptions of behaviour and inner feelings, and the teen dialogue is spot-on

Irish Independent

a talented imaginative writer

Irish Independent

very enjoyable

Irish Independent

the anticipated follow up to The Demon Notebook, is a good adventure story full of fun, laughs and entertaining witchcraft 

Inis Magazine

the twists and turns in the friendship between the five girls is well depicted by McGann and this is really where the strength of this book lies

Inis Magazine

the action is fast paced and flows nicely towards its climax

Inis Magazine

I am sure Erika McGann will win over some more fans with this one

Inis Magazine

an enjoyable read

Inis Magazine

a spell-binding story

Books Ireland

the plot moves along at a near perfect pace and the reader is eagerly lured into each chapter. It's a hard one to put down!

exciting … every YA fan will want this

action-packed story … fans of fantasy will love this

Children’s Books Ireland Recommended Reads Guide 2013

a gripping page-turner with a fast moving plot, it will keep the reader guessing until the end

Children’s Books Ireland Recommended Reads Guide 2013

the multi-layered plot bounds along breathlessly, with crisp schoolgirl dialogue… the eccentric new characters make for an Irish Hogwarts, but the story is grounded in a believable school setting

Irish Examiner

lightly humorous story about friendship

McGann clearly knows her demonology, and there are some genuinely scary scenes in the book

Books for Keeps

a very exciting read that offers young readers something to think about as well as something to make them jump

Books for Keeps

magical mirth and mayhem ... a very readable tale for girls aged 10+

Evening Echo

Erika McGann’s first book The Demon Notebook attracted good reviews and was a highly entertaining and convincing portrait of girls’ friendship against a background of spells and magic

Books for Keeps

In this the sequel, she takes the action and moves it up a notch so that although there’s still the same snappy dialogue and a good many laughs, this feels a much darker read

Books for Keeps

Audio available: listen to some of this book now ...

    Audiobook chapter 1. Read by Amy McAllister:

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