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The Big Fight

The Big Fight

The Story of the Táin

Written by Frank Murphy, Illustrated by Kieron Black

The hero Cúchulainn is forced to fight his friend Ferdia in this epic story of Queen Maeve and the Brown Bull of Cooley. A simple retelling for younger readers.
Flyer 3

Paperback: €6.99
Paperback: 64 pages
Size:196x130 mm
ISBN: 9780862784515

Category: Children's fiction

Themes: Myth and Legend

Series: Flyers

Flyer Number 3
A terrible war rages in Ireland -- over the Great Brown Bull of Cooley. Cúchulainn, the young Ulster super hero, fights off many warriors -- even the magical Morrígan. In the end he has to face is friend, Ferdia. Will Cúchuliann have to kill him? And what will happen when the White-horned Bull of Connacht and the Great Brown Bull of Ulster finally meet? A simple retelling of the famous Irish epic of The Tain -- The Cattle Raid.

Frank Murphy
Frank Murphy is a retired school principal, living in Cork. His teaching career, which began in Dublin, took him also to north Wexford, and eventually to Cork city.

He has written stories, non-fiction pieces and poetry in Irish and English. Most of his work has appeared in school books in Ireland and the UK, with some stories also included in anthologies of children's fiction on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Rights Held: World, all languages

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