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Rugby Spirit

Eoin Madden's adventures with rugby (and ghosts!) in Castlerock College.

'young rugby fans will enjoy the adventures of Dublin schoolboy Eoin Madden as he tries to help his school win a cup and, at the same time, solve a ghostly mystery … a brilliant read for kids aged ten and up' Rugby World magazine about Rugby Warrior

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Rugby Spirit

A new school, a new sport, an old mystery...

Rugby Warrior

Back in school. Back in sport. Back in time.

Rugby Flyer

Haunting history, thrilling tries

Rugby Rebel

Discovering History - Uncovering Mystery

Rugby Runner

Ancient Roots, Modern Boots

Rugby Heroes

Ghostly Ground, Deadly Danger

Gaelic Spirit

Field of Dreams ... Home of History

Football Spirit

United they Stand, United they Soar

Rugby Rookie

Stepping up a level, Stepping back in time