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Robots Don't Cry!

Robots Don't Cry!

Bimbot finds himself in a wood filled with unusual animals when he is thrown out of the tree-house gang for crying.
Can his new friends help him out?
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E-Book: €3.00

Series: Flyers

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Download Meet Bimbot and his friends ... or are they?

Bimbot is thrown out of the tree-house gang for being a crybaby. Robots don't cry, Rusty, Klunk and Klang tell him.

In the woods Bimbot meets a skunk with no smell, a bee with no stripes and a bear who is afraid of heights.

Can his new friends help him out?

The first book from an original and exciting new author.

Bob Byrne

Bob Byrne is a comic book artist and designer who lives in Dublin. His comics have appeared in dozens of publications throughout the world.

Robots Don't Cry! is his first book for children.

'A salutary tale of bullying and comeuppance'

The Sunday Tribune The Sunday Tribune

'The first book from an original and exciting new author'

Woman's Way Woman's Way

Robots Don’t Cry is about peer-group pressure and friendship, but there is also a lot more going on in this surprisingly sophisticated story . . . In this story, not only does Bimbot have to learn about friendship, but along the way also has to deal with fear of the unknown, lack of self-confidence, give and take and the good feeling you get in helping others. In fact most of the emotions experienced at some stage by your average 6-8 year old. However, far from being some sort of do-good treatise, the author has cleverly packed all the subliminal messages into a jolly good read.

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