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Rebecca Rocks

Rebecca Rocks

Holidays mean no school for THREE months! Rebecca’s band Hey Dollface are going to a summer camp to become total rock stars. But there’s another band, the Crack Parrots, and they’re going to be trouble. As for romance, Cass's love life is complicated, while Rebecca’s doesn’t really exist at all …

Paperback: €9.99
Paperback: 256 pages
Size:196x130 mm
ISBN: 9781847175649

E-Book (ePub): €5.99
Also available as an E-Book (ePub)
ISBN: 9781847176219

My name is Rebecca Rafferty, and I know that this is going to be the best summer ever.
Well, maybe.
On the plus side, holidays mean no school for three months. And my band Hey Dollface are going to a cool summer camp where we will (hopefully) learn how to become total rock stars. Which is all good, obviously.
But there are problems too. There are summer exams, a band of mean boys out to spoil our fun, my friend Cass’s love life is complicated and my own love life just doesn’t really exist at all ...

The third installment of the award-winning series about Rebecca Rafferty.

Anna Carey

ANNA CAREY is a journalist and author from Dublin who has written for the Irish Times, Irish Independent and many other publications. Anna’s first book, The Real Rebecca, was published in 2011, and went on to win the Senior Children’s Book prize at the Irish Book Awards. Rebecca returned in the critically acclaimed Rebecca’s Rules, Rebecca Rocks and Rebecca is Always Right. The Making of Mollie (2016) was her first historical novel and was shortlisted for the Senior Children’s Book prize at the 2016 Irish Book Awards and was followed by the sequel, Mollie on the March, which received rave reviews. Anna’s most recent book The Boldness of Betty was also shortlisted for the Senior Children’s Book prize at the 2020 Irish Book Awards and features a cameo appearance from our favourite suffragette, Mollie.

Anna Carey has built up a loyal fan base of young teens who have fallen in love with Rebecca’s wit and adolescent high jinks

Sunday World

charming, uplifting

Newstalk Breakfast

reflect adolescent experiences in a realistic and illuminating way

Sunday Independent

charming, uplifting story for young teenagers

Irish Independent

Carey hits the mark in terms of finding an authentic teenage voice

Carey presents Rebecca as a very positive role model for young readers

a warm, cheerful, and well-paced book

we need a fourth instalment to see if romance will blossom between Rebecca and Sam!

a writer in tune with today’s young Irish

Irish Times

an attractive lightness of touch … sharply entertaining

Irish Times

it is difficult to handle such young teenage themes without being patronising or pompous, but Carey admirably avoids both temptations, resulting in a novel refreshing not just in its good-natured humour – there are some delightfully sly and mischievous one-liners  - but also in its unsentimental endorsement of youthful dreams and aspirations

Irish Times

the pages in Carey’s novel in which her young lesbian character announces her coming out to her friends and in which they give their reactions are superbly written: tone is everything, and it could not be better handled than it is here

Irish Times

perfect for holiday reading

Armadillo Magazine

a bright and breezy read featuring some inventive songs and a main character who isn’t a total drip and doesn’t need a man to make her relevant

Sunday Business Post

a gentle introduction to feminism

Sunday Business Post

a hilarious new book, perfect for the summer. Cleverly written, witty and smart

a must read

Rebecca Rafferty … is something of a Books for Keeps favourite

Once again, author Anna Carey delivers another lively dose of teen fiction, that feels true throughout and entertains from the first page to the last

It’s honest, real, touching, a terrific piece of writing

the book ends with the stage set for a further adventure which promises to be equally entertaining. Rock on, Rebecca!

full of real feel-good fun, a touch of romance and is a wonderfully accurate reflection on girly teen life. Young teens and older ones too will love it

charming, uplifting story

in chatty diary style, the third Rebecca title from Dublin’s Anna Carey will please early teen fans of the likes of Sarah Webb and Cathy Cassidy

Evening Echo

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