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Orange Flag

Boo and Bear
Written by Enda Wyley, Illustrated by Greg Massardier

Purple Flag: For readers aged 5+ (includes Pandas)

Barry's New Bed
Written by Una Leavy, Illustrated by Moira McNamara
Emma the Penguin
Written by Sarah Webb, Illustrated by Anne O'Hara

Yellow Flag: For readers aged 6+ (includes Flyers)

Ed's Funny Feet
Written by Eoin Colfer, Illustrated by Woody Fox
Ed's Bed
Written by Eoin Colfer, Illustrated by Woody Fox

Red Flag: For readers aged 8+

Adam's Starling
Written by Gillian Perdue, Illustrated by Barry Reynolds

Blue Flag: For readers aged 10+

Under the Hawthorn Tree

Children of the Famine

Written by Marita Conlon-McKenna, Illustrated by Donald Teskey, Cover design or artwork by PJ Lynch
Red Hugh

The Kidnap of Hugh O'Donnell

Eva and the Hidden Diary
Written by Judi Curtin, Illustrated by Woody Fox
Rugby Runner

Ancient Roots, Modern Boots