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Murder Can be Fatal

Crime-solving chimps ... Time-travelling daredevils ... Zombie Cheerleaders ... Alien Abductions ... The Murder Can Be Fatal Mysteries are four hilarious who-dunnits by the supremely-talented Alan Nolan.

Each mystery features rib-tickling characters, rollercoaster thrills and 80 pages of old school black and white art!

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Six Million Ways to Die

Written by and Illustrated by Alan Nolan

Rex 'Thunderclap' Aldrin, bionically rebuilt after a failed motorcycle stunt, solves an intriguing time-travel mystery.

A graphic novel detective story unlike any other ... except for the rest of the Murder Can Be Fatal series!

Destination: Homicide!

Written by and Illustrated by Alan Nolan

Loose cannon New York Homicide detectives Ricky Nixon and Eddie Ribbs, with the help of their snitch, funky Snugg Fitt, thwart kingpin Mister Fogg's plans to take over the New York mafia. Hilarious, gag-filled graphic novel for young readers.

And The Blood Flowed Green

Written by and Illustrated by Alan Nolan

Marion Mulligan is a down-at-hell private investigator abducted by aliens and abandoned on a distant planet with only a robotic Remote Universal Translator Unit (RUNT) for company. But he needs to call on all of his skills when a murderer strikes.