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Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder

Prepare to be Born Anew

It's 2203 and earth is dying, scorched by the sun. Initiate Leon is a member of the True Path warrior culture and preparing for his Rising. But when his test comes - to kill in cold blood - he stalls. To redeem himself, he and his resourceful servant, Martha, must journey to find the earth’s fifth and final message from the Saviours.

E-Book (ePub): €2.99
ISBN: 9781788491129

We have heard your call
You no longer need to fear.
You will receive five messages, of which this is the first.
The last message will inform you of the time and place of your salvation.

Two hundred years from now, the earth is dying, scorched by powerful flares from the sun. A series of messages from an alien civilization sent to humanity over two centuries promise rescue to those strong enough to survive on their planet.

Initiate Leon is a member of the True Path warrior culture and preparing for his Rising. But when his test comes - to kill in cold blood - he cannot do it. To redeem himself, he must journey to find the earth’s fifth and final message from the Saviours, with the help of his resourceful servant, Martha.

Out in the wild, Leon discovers alarming changes in his body - he can drink water through his skin, and has poison barbs buried deep in his flesh. Martha reveals to him the secret that the True Path

have kept from him all this time: Jacob’s Ladder, an adaptation for life on the alien planet, has lain dormant in his genes and is now being activated. He is part alien and part human, and he is in grave danger from those who wish to take what is in his body.

An ambitious YA novel for fans of Patrick Ness, Rick Yancey and James Dashner.

Charlie Pike

Charlie Pike started his writing career when he lived in Turkey, teaching English to adults and children. When he returned to Ireland he worked as an advertising copywriter and freelance journalist, writing feature articles for Irish newspapers, until an opportunity came along to work for an Internet start-up. In 2003 he formed his own web company, Usable Design. He met his wife, Birgit, in Turkey and they now live in County Wicklow. They have two children. Charlie is a graduate of Trinity College.

while some readers may find the fast-paced and layered nature of the plot of Jacob’s Ladder challenging at times, as a debut author Pike commits wholeheartedly to the world-building elements of this story, without shying away from creating complex characters that are not always easy to like. Jacob’s Ladder is a thrilling and often gory sci-fi fantasy that is sure to satisfy devout dystopia fans with a stomach for action and violence. Perfect for readers who previously enjoyed Peader O Guilin and James Dashner

Inis Magazine

Charlie Pike has created an extraordinary dystopian world

Irish Examiner

credible and ambitious, with good dialogue and tight plotting. Fans of YA, sci-fi and dystopia will be impressed

Books Ireland

original elements … excellent premise … Pike squeezes a lot of information and world-building into the first few chapters, which are gripping and well crafted … Pike can certainly write and there is a lot of potential here

Irish Independent

an immediately-believable 23rd-century dystopia … Unsettling though Leon’s perspective is, it is also convincing and serves to reinforce the brutality of this future world … The action zips along, introducing us to several unexpected elements, including a delightfully creepy quasi-zombie worm infestation. A notable debut from a writer we are sure to hear more from

Irish Times

a unique, incisive voice brings us on a journey filled with tension, drama and thought-provoking action. The descriptive power of the writing gives a clear picture of what the planet has become; the landscape scorched and threatening; the people violent and desperate. The story-telling is gripping, fast-paced and it takes the reader on a journey that they do not want to be on. But it is impossible to turn away from this. The reader is locked in Leon’s intense perspective as he tries to cling to his beliefs and teachings, but struggles to marry those with the things happening before his very eyes. This is a coming-of-age dystopia of the highest quality, but is quite violent in places; so may not be one for more sensitive readers. It is the stuff of nightmares made real. 'Prepare To Be Born Anew', indeed. Original, energetic, shocking, consuming...extraordinary in every way

Fallen Star Stories

Fast, original and action-packed

Peadar Ó Guilín, author of The Call
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