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Irish Legends: Newgrange, Tara & the Boyne Valley

Irish Legends: Newgrange, Tara & the Boyne Valley

Written by Eithne Massey, Illustrated by Lisa Jackson

Stories inspired by the Boyne Valley from long, long ago. Legends include: 'The Origin of the Boyne', 'The Foster-child of Aonghus' and 'The Salmon of Knowledge'.

Hardback: €9.99
Hardback: 64 pages
Size:280x220 mm
ISBN: 9781847176837

Stories inspired by the Boyne Valley from long, long ago, part of an ancient oral tradition, handed down from generation to generation and written down by the Christian monks of medieval Ireland. Stories include:

  • The Origin of the Boyne
  • The Foster-child of Aonghus
  • Aonghus and the Swan Maiden
  • The Adventures of Art
  • The Magic Branch
  • The Hag of Loughcrew
  • Fionn fights a Monster
  • The Salmon of Knowledge.
Eithne Massey

Eithne Massey has written many books for both adults and children, mainly based on the legends of Ireland. Her adaptation of the award-winning movie The Secret of Kells is set in the time of the early Viking raids; The Silver Stag of Bunratty and Where the Stones Sing are set in Norman Ireland; and Blood Brother, Swan Sister at the time of the Battle of Clontarf. All blend together historical detail with myths, legends and folklore, resulting in stories which will appeal to ‘young readers who enjoy an adventure with well-rounded characters and a touch of magic and history’ (

Lisa Jackson lives in Dublin. She works in comic books, illustration and game design and has illustrated books such as Best-Loved Irish Legends, Ice Dreams and The Henny Penny Tree.

crisply written and presented … superbly supported by Lisa Jackson’s brightly coloured illustrations … a fine introduction to Irish mythology and ancient places

Archaeology Ireland

beautifully illustrated

Irish Examiner

beautiful stories … a book for keeps

Irish Examiner

Of the seven Celtic nations, Ireland is the richest in legend and lore. After centuries of storytelling, mythology remains at the core of Irish culture today. Thanks to author Eithne Massey and illustrator Lisa Jackson, eight of those magical tales – originally put to pen by medieval Christian monks – will be preserved and passed along to another generation. As the Japanese discovered with anime, vibrant colours and text engage, entertain and educate young readers better than any other medium. Here, imaginations will ignite with stirring stories of The Origin of the Boyne, Aonghus and the Swan Maiden, The Hag of Loughcrew and more. Recommended for youngsters aged 7 and up, this is a fantastic way to introduce children of all ages to classic Celtic culture

Celtic Life International

will be enjoyed by children as young as three and as old as 10 years of age and the parents reading them to their children will also get pleasure from them … beautifully produced with large font, double spacing and colourful, age appropriate illustrations by Lisa Jackson. In the classroom a visualiser could be used to project the book onto the whiteboard … I would use this book with first, second and third classes … would make a lovely present

Marie Campion, InTouch Magazine

full of movement. Ideal stories to read aloud to accompany a visit to the area or a school project

CBI Recommended Reads 2016


Woman’s Way

Ireland is a land rich in myth and magic so any book of Irish legends is calling on fertile sources. These are stories inspired by the Boyne Valley from long, long ago … here retold in an accessible and easy to read format for young readers … Beautifully illustrated, this is a good collection of stories which are perfect to read aloud

the best part? Each story teaches you how to pronounce Irish words or names that feature so you know what you're saying is actually right!

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