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Billy Conker's Nature-Spotting Adventure
The Sackville Street Caper
Where Are You, Puffling?
Lily Takes a Chance
Murphy's Law
The Pooka Party
Tabitha Plimtock and the Edge of the World
Ayeisha McFerran
Jason Sherlock
Football Spirit
Flossie McFluff
Twin Power: Throw In!

Marita Conlon-McKennaMarita Conlon-McKenna

Marita Conlon-McKenna is one of Ireland’s best-loved, award-winning children’s authors. She has written numerous best-selling books for adults and children, and they have been translated into many languages.  Under the Hawthorn Tree, her first novel, became an immediate bestseller and has been described as ‘the biggest success story in children’s historical fiction’. Its sequels, Wildflower Girl and Fields of Home, which complete the Children of the Famine trilogy, have also been hugely successful. Other books include: The Blue Horse, No Goodbye, Safe Harbour, In Deep Dark Wood, and A Girl Called Blue. Marita is a winner of the International Reading Association Award, the Osterreichischer Kinder und Jugendbuchpreis, the Reading Association of Ireland Award, and the Children’s Books Ireland Children’s Book of the Year Award. She is a former Chairperson of Irish PEN. Her work has been adapted for stage and TV. Under the Hawthorn Tree is also available on DVD.    

Fairy HillUnder the Hawthorn TreeWildflower GirlFields of Home

Paddy DonnellyPaddy Donnelly

Paddy Donnelly is an Irish author and illustrator living in Belgium. He grew up on the north coast of Ireland, surrounded by mythical stories of giants, magical creatures and shape-shifting animals. All of this, set in a stunning landscape from another time, prompted his love of nature, animals, the sea and storytelling. He creates his illustrations digitally, but loves working with a textured, painterly approach. The Vanishing Lake was his debut author-illustrated picture book, based on a real lake close to his childhood home in Ireland. His most recent book is Fox & Son Tailers, published in 2022. He wishes Pluto were still a planet.

Fox & Sons Tailers  The Vanishing LakeDodos Are Not Extinct