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Destination: Homicide!

Destination: Homicide!

Written by and Illustrated by Alan Nolan

Loose cannon New York Homicide detectives Ricky Nixon and Eddie Ribbs, with the help of their snitch, funky Snugg Fitt, thwart kingpin Mister Fogg's plans to take over the New York mafia. Hilarious, gag-filled graphic novel for young readers.

Paperback: €7.99
Paperback: 80 pages
Size:230x150 mm
ISBN: 9781847172563

Category: Graphic Novel

In 1970s New York, Ricky Nixon and Eddie Ribbs are two "loose cannon" homicide detectives who are assigned the cases no-one else will touch. While investigating the murder of chicken-suited fast-food restaurant magnate Solomon Waddle, they uncover a devious plan by a mysterious Voodoo cult to take over organized crime in the Big Apple, by turning the mafia bosses into brainless undead zombies. Nixon and Ribbs, with the help of their hepcat snitch Snugg Fitt, must follow the clues over to the wrong side of the tracks, facing down voodoo high priests, squads of zombie cheerleaders and giant albino subway alligators until they unmask the mysterious Voodoo Chief, known only as Mister Fogg.

An hilarious, action-packed, gag-filled graphic novel for young readers.

Alan Nolan

ALAN NOLAN grew up in Windy Arbour, Dublin and now lives in Bray, Co. Wicklow with his wife and three children. Alan is the author and illustrator of Fintan’s Fifteen, Conor’s Caveman and the Sam Hannigan series, and is the illustrator of Animal Crackers: Fantastic Facts About Your Favourite Animals, written by Sarah Webb. Alan runs illustration and writing workshops for children, and you may see him lugging his drawing board and pencils around your school or local library.

'full of dark humour and absurd jokes'

Books Ireland

'great stuff'

'with one more book to come in this series ... all involved can hold their heads high for a great ride so far'

'yet another top book from Nolan'

'Nolan’s unique style of art ... jumps off the page'

'Nolan crafts a tale that twists and turns with great pace'

'Nolan uses a deft hand to pull in readers of all ages'

'with Destination Homicide, Nolan has set a new high'

'the series so far can only be considered a resounding success with their cross demographic appeal and downright enjoyable scenarios'

'graphic novel series that will appeal to younger readers'

Primary Times

'hilarious, action packed'

Primary Times

'a sense of energy and vigour'

CBI's Recommended Reads 2012

'lively and entertaining graphic novel'

CBI's Recommended Reads 2012
Rights Held: World, all languages

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