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Deadly! Irish History - The Normans

Deadly! Irish History - The Normans

Jam-packed with all kinds fun facts and madcap stories about the Normans. From Strongbow and the Norman invasion to the broad sweep of medieval life in Ireland, laugh as you learn about how the people lived, what they played what they worked at: anyone fancy working as a professional farter?

Paperback: €8.99
Paperback: 144 pages
Size:196x129 mm
ISBN: 9781788492874

This latest book in the Deadly! Irish History series is jam-packed with all kinds of well-researched and fun facts and madcap stories (including a swashbuckling adventure called Seamus the Sinister Swordsman) about the Normans. It covers Strongbow and the Norman invasion and the broad sweep of medieval life in Ireland, showing how the people lived, played, and what they worked at (from the castle builders, chandlers, weavers, millers, to the leech collectors, medicine women, spit-boys and professional farters!)

There is a spotlight on Irish castles throughout the island of Ireland with Deadly! Data on 40, including how and when they were built, fascinating facts about them and the people who lived there and their haunting scores. John Farrelly takes the reader inside castles and tower houses with detailed drawings and interactive puzzles, searches, true and false features and a good sprinkling of Deadly! craft (make your own castle, shield, sword and even crossbow!). And if you are hungry there is always the Norman recipe for roast hedgehog for tea!

John Farrelly

John Farrelly was born and raised in a village just outside Newry, Co. Down. After dropping out of art college because all he wanted to do was write stories and draw pictures, he became a freelance caricature artist. He always did a full day's work - he just spread it over the whole week. Finally, after a three-day siege, where no one was injured and all hostages were released, The O'Brien Press let him write stories and draw pictures.

‘Farrelly’s writing and drawings never miss a beat in this well-informed and witty account of the Celts … with comic strips, guess-the-answer sessions, roll-the-dice-to-see-which character-you-are games, how to make your own games board or roundhouse ... Great fun!’

Children's Books Ireland

Deadly Irish history, told through cartoons, tales of pointy-shoed medieval fashion flops, pig’s bladder sports, roast hedgehog dinners, and not forgetting the Black Death

Evening Echo

the best of what has been an excellent series … a great book for kids of the right age and John’s superb art and a comic delivery, this is a volume that will delight comic fans of any age

Down the Tubes

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