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Conor's Caveman

Conor's Caveman

The Amazing Adventures of Ogg

A pre-hysterical new illustrated novel by the author of the smash-hit Fintan’s Fifteen.

Paperback: €8.99
Paperback: 144 pages
Size:196x128 mm
ISBN: 9781847177322

E-Book (ePub): €5.99
Also available as an E-Book (ePub)
ISBN: 9781847178008

Category: Children's fiction

Life could be better for Conor Corcoran. Class bully Damian Deegan is always teasing him about being small and having no friends – when in fact Conor has the only friend he needs in Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Finch, the toughest girl in school.

But when Conor and Charlie accidentally uncover a prehistoric man who was flash-frozen in a block of ice, life suddenly gets a bit too interesting!

How long can Conor keep his huge, hairy (and rather smelly) new ‘uncle’ a secret from his mum, his teachers and a gang of ruthless scientists?

Alan Nolan

ALAN NOLAN grew up in Windy Arbour, Dublin and now lives in Bray, Co. Wicklow with his wife and three children. Alan is the author and illustrator of Fintan’s Fifteen, Conor’s Caveman and the Sam Hannigan series, and is the illustrator of Animal Crackers: Fantastic Facts About Your Favourite Animals, written by Sarah Webb. Alan runs illustration and writing workshops for children, and you may see him lugging his drawing board and pencils around your school or local library.

what a wonderful book! … a lovely read

School Librarian Magazine

humourous … suitable for children in the middle or senior classes … fantastic read

InTouch Magazine

humour with some great illustrations … a wonderful tale

Sunday World


Ireland’s Own


Books Ireland

a very funny story that will appeal to the eight to 10 age group

Irish Examiner

a lively tale from the author of Fintan’s Fifteen … its pace never sags from start to finish

Evening Echo

such fun - a really enjoyable read; right from the first page, it is full of zany, inconsequential humour which carries on through the book, ably abetted by the drawings

the lively illustrations add to the fun, celebrating the comedy and the action of the story … a good-humoured fish out of water story, Conor's Caveman is an easy and enjoyable read

The Looking Glass

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