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Book Collections

Buying one book is great, but a collection is even better! A whole series featuring your favourite character, or a range of books about similar subject, these are available at special prices on www.obrien.ie. 

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Alice and Megan Series

Written by Judi Curtin, Illustrated by Woody Fox

Alice and Megan are best friends who simply have to be together! It would be so much easier if they didn't have to deal with all the other people: family, classmates, teachers, ...

All eight books in the series, as well as the fabulous Alice and Megan's Cookbook for a great price!

Bundle as Gaeilge

Cass and the Bubble Street Gang series

Written by Erika McGann, Illustrated by Vince Reid

Cass and her best friends, Lex and Nicholas, are the Bubble Street Gang! They investigate crimes, solve mysteries and have brilliant adventures. They’ve even got their own secret clubhouse.

Get all four books in the series at a great price.

Home School Bundle

A colouring book, an exploration of nature, inspirational Irish lives and some great historical fiction: books to engage children of all ages, along with teaching guides to help parents make the most of the books.

Nature & Animals Bundle

Are you wild about animals and nature? Five lovely books for children at a special web-only price.

Picturebook Bundle

Four great hardback picture books from Irish creators, all at a super web-only price. 

Rugby Spirit series

Eoin has just started a new school … and a new sport. Everyone at school is mad about rugby, but Eoin hasn’t even held a rugby ball before! And why does everybody seem to know more about his own grandad than he does?

All seven Rugby Spirit books at a great price.