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Blue Flag: For readers aged 10+

O'Brien Blue Flag books offer a wealth of fiction from award-winning authors with everything from adventure, fantasy and historical fiction to stories of love, friendship and family life.

Many have won awards and been translated into a wide range of foreign languages, a true testament to their quality and popularity.

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Winds of Change

Three Children Caught Up In Ireland’s Land War

Lily Steps Up

A Lissadell Story

Written by Judi Curtin, Cover illustration by Rachel Corcoran
The Boldness of Betty

A 1913 Dublin Lockout Novel

Written by Anna Carey, Cover illustration by Lauren O'Neill
Michael Collins

Hero and Rebel

Sonia O'Sullivan

Great Irish Sports Stars

Alice and Megan Series
Written by Judi Curtin, Illustrated by Woody Fox
Gaelic Spirit

Field of Dreams ... Home of History

Chasing Ghosts

An Arctic Adventure

Rugby Redzone

Sports Academy Book 2

Football Fiesta

Sports Academy Book 1