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Best-Loved Bernard Shaw

Best-Loved Bernard Shaw

Edited by Anthony Roche, Written by Bernard Shaw

An attractive & approachable selection of the work of Bernard Shaw, one of the most remarkable people of the 20th century. His steely self-determination turned the conviction that he would become a great writer into reality. With extracts from his plays, essays and personal letters.

Hardback: €14.99
Hardback: 128 pages
Size:196x130 mm
ISBN: 9781788490535

An attractive and approachable selection of the work of George Bernard Shaw. 

One of the most remarkable writers of the 20th century, Shaw contributed in a range of ways to both political and social writings as well as creating great works of literature. Shaw is one of only two people to have won both an Academy Award and a Nobel Prize for Literature.

Shaw started from the most unpropitious of beginnings. But he possessed a steely self-determination, and turned the unshakeable conviction that he would become a great writer into a self-fulfilling prophecy. This book features selections and extracts from his plays, essays and personal letters.


Anthony Roche

Anthony Roche was born in Dublin in 1951 and graduated from
Trinity College, Dublin, with a First-Class Honours B.A. in
English in 1973. He attended the University of California at Santa
Barbara, where he was awarded an M.A. in English and a Ph.D.
for a dissertation on J.M. Synge. Having taught in the U.S. for the
1980s, he returned to Ireland where he was a Professor in the School
of English, Drama and Film at University College Dublin, retiring
in 2016. He is married to the writer Katy Hayes; they have a son,
Merlin, and a daughter, Lily, and live in Monkstown, County
Dublin. He has published widely on Irish drama, especially
on Brian Friel. His most recent book, The Irish Dramatic
Revival, 1899-1939 (Bloomsbury, 2015), includes a
chapter ‘Bernard Shaw: The Absent Presence’.

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