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Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day

Written by Catherine Doolan, Illustrated by Maeve Kelly

Finn is trying desperately to be cool, but nothing works. Until he tackles his hair...
Panda 22

Paperback: €6.99
Paperback: 64 pages
Size:196x130 mm
ISBN: 9780862787486

Series: Pandas

Finn wants to be cool. But what can he do about his wild, frizzy hair? The other children tease him and call him names. So Finn decides to do something drastic. He collects all his mum's hair products and mixes them up into a potion. But the potion singes his hair and it all falls out! His dad takes him to the hairdresser to get a 'No.1' haircut. The other children gasp when they see him – now he's the coolest kid in school!

Catherine Doolan is a primary teacher in a small rural school in Co Offaly. She teaches 9-12 year olds. Catherine is married with three young children. Bad Hair Day, Panda No. 22, is her first book.

'Warm-hearted and enjoyable'

The Sunday Independent The Sunday Independent

'With lots of simple but expressive illustrations, this is a book that is sure to encourage beginner readers'

Books Ireland Books Ireland

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