Brian Fitzgerald

BRIAN FITZGERALD feels most at home illustrating children’s picture books, encouraged by winning the International Silent Book Competition in Bologna. His most recent books are I Don’t Want To Go To School, Does an Astronaut Drive a Tractor? and Does a Firefighter Fly a Rocket? He has had the pleasure of seeing five of his books brought to life on ‘Vooks’. He lives and works in Dún Laoghaire.

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You Can Do It, Rosie!

  • Download Activity sheets: Colour in Rosie and Aoife

  • Download Activity sheets: Spot the differences between the two bakery pictures

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You Can Do It, Rosie!

Written by Elena Browne, Illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald

‘Let’s go on an adventure!’ says Aoife. But poor Rosie is an old dog. Can she do it?

With a little imagination and lots of help from everyone they meet along the way, of course she can!

A trip to the park can be just as magical as any adventure to the mountains or the sea - as long as Rosie is there!