Brendan Boland

Born in 1961, Brendan Boland is originally from Dundalk, Co Louth. Today he lives with his wife and childhood sweetheart Martina in the UK, where he works with a multinational media group.  In 1975 he disclosed to a priest that he had been abused by Fr Brendan Smyth. He became embroiled in a secret church inquiry that he thought would put a stop to Smyth’s abuse. It didn’t, even though Brendan gave the names and addresses of children who he told the church were being abused.

Darragh MacIntyre is an award-winning investigative reporter with BBC Panorama, as well as a published author. As a journalist, he has been at the frontline in terms of the investigation and presentation of many of the biggest news stories in Irish current affairs in recent years, including the Iris Robinson scandal in 2010. He was the reporter and the presenter of the BBC programme, The Shame of Catholic Church, broadcast in May 2012. Originally from Celbridge, County Kildare, Darragh now lives in Belfast.