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Mollie On The March

Mollie On The March

Written by Anna Carey, Cover illustration by Lauren O'Neill

Mollie Carberry is a suffragette! Well, sort of. Mollie and her best friend Nora have been bravely fighting for women’s rights – even though no one else really knows about it. But when they hear a big protest is being planned, they know they have to take part.

Paperback: €9.99
Paperback: 352 pages
Size:196x130 mm
ISBN: 9781788490085

E-Book (ePub): €5.99
Also available as an E-Book (ePub)
ISBN: 9781788490351

Mollie Carberry is a suffragette! Well, sort of. Mollie and her best friend Nora have been bravely fighting for women’s rights – even though no one else really knows about it. But when they hear a big protest is being planned, they know they have to take part.

If only they didn’t have to worry about Nora’s terrible cousin, her awful brother and her neighbour’s very annoying dog …

An engaging story about a strong and intelligent girl fighting for the right for women to vote.


The Representation of the People Act 1918 became law on 6 February 1918. It gave the vote to virtually all men over 21, and women over 30 who met certain requirements. In November 1918 an act was passed which enabled women to stand for parliament in the forthcoming elections.

The only woman to win a seat in parliament across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in December 1918 was Constance Markievicz, who was elected by the people of south Dublin but who did not take her seat. In 1922, the new Irish Free State gave the vote to all women over 21, finally giving Irish women the same voting rights as Irish men.

Anna Carey

ANNA CAREY is a journalist and author from Dublin who has written for the Irish Times, Irish Independent and many other publications. Anna’s first book, The Real Rebecca, was published in 2011, and went on to win the Senior Children’s Book prize at the Irish Book Awards. Rebecca returned in the critically acclaimed Rebecca’s Rules, Rebecca Rocks and Rebecca is Always Right. The Making of Mollie (2016) was her first historical novel and was shortlisted for the Senior Children’s Book prize at the 2016 Irish Book Awards and was followed by the sequel, Mollie on the March, which received rave reviews. Anna’s most recent book The Boldness of Betty was also shortlisted for the Senior Children’s Book prize at the 2020 Irish Book Awards and features a cameo appearance from our favourite suffragette, Mollie.

Lauren O'Neill

Lauren O’Neill is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Dublin. Originally from Wexford, she moved to Dublin to study in NCAD and stayed. Her work has appeared across a wide variety of areas from advertising campaigns to storybooks and gallery exhibitions. She has illustrated Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, winning the Children’s Books Ireland Merit Award for Illustration, and Blazing a Trail which won the Children's Book of the Year (senior) Irish Book Award in 2018.

This sequel to The Making of Mollie takes Anna Carey’s charming young suffragette heroine, Mollie Carbery, into the summer months of 1912. Like its predecessor, the book is written through letters to Mollie’s friend Frances, who is now on holiday in America—something the Carberys could never afford. Mollie’s frustration at not being able to travel further than Skerries, quickly pales with the prospect of Prime Minister Asquith’s visit to Dublin, when there will surely be some momentous suffragette activity. Molly’s ruminations in her letters to her friend Frances are full of lively dialogue as she retells the details of her days… it’s a pleasure to read about those extraordinary historical events through Mollie’s eyes

Children’s Books Ireland

Historical fiction written with a light touch, Carey knows how to make the past come alive for young readers

Irish Independent

fun … Children will love this

Irish Independent Judi Curtin, Award-winning author

wonderfully fearless

Irish Examiner

best suited to a sixth class to not only read historical fiction but to help develop political opinion and thoughts; not only in the way women were treated unequally but also to analyse and debate on the current inequality in Ireland and internationally. This is an engaging story that raises important equality issues for all. It manages to do so while being entertaining and well-written. Suitable for boys, girls and teachers who like to encourage critical thinking and debating equality issues.

InTouch Magazine

brilliantly portray the Irish suffragette movement at the height of its activity in 1912

Irish Times

crisp writing, standout characters and lots of humour make this a real winner

Irish Independent

thrilling dramas and inspirational ideas are interwoven in this historical fiction with sibling squabbles and teen-parent battles that offer today’s young readers a connection with women a century previously

Evening Echo

a fictional girls-eye view of the Irish women’s rights movement … a colourful starter-kit for the mini-feminist in your family

Sunday Business Post

I gave this a really strong 4.5 stars. Really, really enjoyed it. If you just want something fun to read, I’d read it. If you wanted something feminist to read, I’d read it. I would definitely recommend everyone to pick up this book because it was brilliant

Fred Weasley Died Laughing

I absolutely loved this book and I’m sure a lot of people will!!! … This book had a LOVELY message and showed a lot of GIRL POWER and was very enjoyable to read. It was unbelievable the amount women struggled just to have the right to vote. Sanjana, 6th class, St. Brigid’s School

funny and charming … I found myself moved by the plight some of these women endured in their struggle to win rights that we take for granted today

Irish Examiner Louise O’Neill

just as charming as the first … a deeply relatable story … a welcome reminder that Irish history has more to it than nationalist rebellions

Irish Times

an engaging story about a strong and intelligent girl fighting for the right for women to vote

Primary Times

Irish YA is in very strong Feminist hands: @urchinette’s 1912 Dublin suffragettes

Sinead Gleeson

this is a fascinating look at a key period in history, packed with informative historical detail and with a strong and sassy heroine who readers will love

Parents in Touch

everyone’s favourite young suffragette makes a welcome return in this timely sequel … Mollie is a wonderfully fearless character whose interrogation of her identity as a suffragette is sure to get readers interested in feminism and women’s history. Carey drews expertly on the past while echoing challenges facing women today. Absolutely not to be missed

CBI Bold Girls Recommended Reading Guide

I cannot tell you how much I adore these books. They’re funny and clever and Mollie is a BRILLIANT character … I loved this book so much! Go get a copy, it’s brilliant

Louise O’Neill

Mollie Carberry is one of the liveliest characters you will read: a vivacious, intelligent young girl growing up in a comfortably-off family Dublin in 1912, and a suffragette. The book opens in fact with her reassuring a friend ‘I am not in prison’ having recently broken the law for the cause. Political campaigning has to fit in with school and housework, but Mollie is determined to play her part. The story is told through her letters which gives the novel a terrific immediacy and intimacy – Mollie is great fun to be with. Carey also creates a real sense of the times, imperceptibly filling her book with a great deal of historical facts, and giving a real sense of the urgency and excitement of the suffragette movement. This book should get your vote!


It's wonderful. It's lovely but also brought home how hard the struggle was, how scary, and that's giving me courage to keep on pushing for our rights today … even though it is for younglings, I as a 54 year old found this book extremely … really sweet and full of hope

Marian Keyes

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