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I Am In Blood

I Am In Blood

Old Murders Never Die

A multi-layered, Gothic tale of obsession and bloodshed set in modern-day and Victorian Dublin.

E-Book (ePub): €8.99
ISBN: 9781847177568

Category: Crime fiction

A dying century. A killing presence.

Present day: Nathan Jacob’s life is coming apart. His adoptive father has passed away, leaving him grief-stricken. His only companion is his best friend, for whom he is falling more deeply every day. But Nathan is grappling with other demons: things half-formed and dark. Things that link him, somehow, to a series of horrific murders from the pages of history.

1890: Sergeant George Frohmell of the Dublin Metropolitan Police is running out of time. His city has become the hunting ground of a monster who preys on prostitutes and leaves them butchered in back alleys. As the bodies mount and the politics of Victorian Ireland come to the fore, Sergeant Frohmell must find his man – or lose everything.

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy was born in 1979 in Co. Wexford, Ireland. In Enniscorthy Vocational College, he excelled at English, winning several awards and being shortlisted for Young Science Fiction Writer of the Year. Joe studied English at University College Dublin where he received 1st Class Hons and a scholarship to complete a Masters in Early Modern Drama. He went on to qualify as a secondary school teacher.

Joe Murphy's ambitious debut novel "1798: Tomorrow the Barrow We’ll Cross" was published in 2011 by Liberties Press (Dublin) to excellent reviews: "epic novel of revolution", "a swashbuckling tale", "a cracking good read", "brilliantly researched and movingly written", "a gut wrenching and page turning story"…

Muprhy’s second novel, Dead Dogs, was published by Liberties Press in September 2012 and launched by Arlene Hunt.

Murphy’s descriptive talent shines through … not for the faint hearted

Sunday Business Post

bright talent finds his groove with latest Gothic creation … a talent worth celebrating and is heading in the right direction if he is to be spoken of in the same breath as other decorated Wexford writers such as Colm Toibin, Eoin Colfer and Peter Murphy

Gorey Guardian, New Ross Standard and Enniscorthy Guardian

there’s quite a buzz around Irish Crime Fiction at the moment with the suggestion that the Irish could replace the Scandinavians as the next big thing. One of the spearheads for this campaign could very well be Joe Murphy with this intriguing third novel

the writing style of the book is overwhelmingly dark, with gothic atmospheric scenes … Murphy was an artist painting the scenes so I could see, smell and taste and experience the misery, and harshness of life in Dublin during the 1890's … I would certainly recommend 'I Am In Blood' ... an atmospheric, and gruesome gothic thriller. Book groups would have some interesting discussions about the content too

a provocatively surprising read, at times graphically gruesome writing writhes from the pages, and a strong stomach is required to deal with some of the overtly descriptive and violent detailing. Three different men in different time spans have their thoughts and feelings brought to life, the connection isn't immediately obvious, then unsettling and troubling thoughts start to knock at your minds door as a recognition of repetition and joining of tales occurs. The intense, vivid descriptions of Dublin hint at what is to come, the stories twist together, encouraging the pages to turn faster and faster while a part of you almost fears to look in case your suspicion is correct. A disturbing, unsettling, dynamic, and intensely hard-hitting read; once you start, you really won’t be able to stop

an exciting, gripping, breath-taking story of murder, horror, mystery and suspense flavoured with a gothic taste from beginning to end whilst intertwining Victorian times and modern day!

Catherine Bryce for

a page-turning thriller, although it defies genre, touching on ‘real-life’ crime, the recent passion for vampire novels, the supernatural and psychological mystery

Genevieve McAllister for

kept me on the edge of my seat!

Elisabeth Thomas for

a very disturbing, dark and hard hitting read, once you read the first chapter you are hooked

Lynsey Farmer for

very enjoyable, it galloped along at a good pace and was well written with main characters I could empathise with

Liz Stein for

an utterly compelling read and I simply couldn't put it down. Murphy's setting and his characters are wonderful depictions and his portrayal of Victorian Dublin's poverty, crime and politics are top notch. I particularly enjoyed the portrait of George the DMP Sergeant … I felt wrenched out of 1890s Dublin when the book ended and could happily have read another hundred pages about these characters. I think this is Joe Murphy's best work yet. If you are a fan of Kevin McCarthy's Peeler and Irregulars you will love this book and I am sure this book will see Joe Murphy gain many new fans

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