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Football Spirit

Football Spirit

United they Stand, United they Soar

Rugby Spirit book 8.

Eoin wants a break from rugby this year and he jumps at the chance to play soccer instead! But who is the ghostly footballer with links to Dalymount Park that Eoin and his friends keep meeting? 

From Busby Babes to Castlerock Red Rockets, football links the generations.

Paperback: €8.99
Paperback: 208 pages
Size:196x130 mm
ISBN: 9781788492355

E-Book (ePub): €5.99
Also available as an E-Book (ePub)
ISBN: 9781788493024

Series: Rugby Spirit

Book 8 in the acclaimed Rugby Spirit series.

Eoin Madden and his friends are back at school and it looks like it will be a fun year with new subjects and activities to try. After all his years on the Junior Cup team, Eoin is looking forward to a break from rugby this year; when there’s a chance to play soccer instead, he jumps at it!

But it’s hard to set up a football team at a rugby-mad school like Castlerock – can the boys do it? And who is the ghostly footballer with links to Dalymount Park that Eoin and his friends keep meeting? Eoin usually sees ghosts when trouble is brewing, so is something wrong at the football grounds?

From the Busby Babes of the 1950s to the Castlerock Red Rockets, football links the generations.


Gerard Siggins

Gerard Siggins was born in Dublin in 1962. Initially a sports journalist, he worked for many years in the Sunday Tribune, where he became assistant editor. He has written several books about cricket and rugby. His Rugby Spirit series has sold over 65,000 copies and is hugely popular with sports-loving children around the world. Gerard regularly visits schools to talk about his books.

Good stories for the sports-mad young folk are hard to find, but you can’t do better than this … Full of family, friends, football and intriguing detail

Fallen Star Stories

In the eighth book in the Rugby Spirit series, Eoin Madden has decided he wants a break from rugby after so much time on his Junior Cup team. A chance encounter with a ghostly footballer who seemingly has connections to Dalymount Park keeps Eoin and his friends guessing. Gerard Siggins’s love of sport and the stories of teamwork that permeate football and rugby make for another wonderful adventure, brim-full of intrigue and heart!

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