Two new arrivals from Croatia

It’s foreign edition time again: we had two new arrivals from Croatia today: our first books to hit the market there. It’s interesting to see how a new territory opens up over time, and they all do it differently. The normal pattern is for the initial sales to be of fiction that has done well in translation in other markets — mass-market fiction (The Mammy by Brendan O’Carroll: now in an impressive 14 foreign editions) and children’s fiction (Sisters … No Way! by Children’s Laureate Siobhán Parkinson: 11 languages to choose from) would usually break the market, and then the non-fiction comes into play.

Eastern Europe can have a differnt pattern, however, and Croatia is following this trend. Our first books in translation are two non-fiction titles — The General by Paul Williams, made into an excellent film by John Boorman, and Joe Cahill by Brendan Anderson, the biography of a life-long IRA activist.

So what’s next? Place your bets …