We’re Going to…. Chat to Sarah Bowie

Happy 2018 to everyone! To start of the New Year we at OBP chatted to author and illustrator Sarah Bowie about her upcoming picture book We’re Going to the Zoo!

What inspired you to write We’re Going to the Zoo?

I have very clear memories of going to the zoo myself when I was a little girl and I wanted to remember what it was like when you’re seeing these wild and exotic creatures for the first time in real life

What was your process for creating this book?

I started very simply, with a sketchpad and pencil. I tried to bypass my ‘front brain’ by just doodling and writing as quickly as possible. After a while I started to hear a grumpy little voice saying ‘The zoo is BORING!’, which is not what I’d been aiming for at all. However, I just went with it, kept doodling and writing and listening to what she and the other characters were saying. The important thing at the early stage is not to judge, you can always go back and fix things later. So that was how I got the original proposal written. After that I focused on page layout and pacing. It’s usually at this stage that I finalise the writing too. Once that’s nailed down, I focus on the artwork.

What materials do you use when illustrating picture books?

I usually work in traditional media, but this time I decided to work digitally. I used an iPad Pro – you can draw directly onto the screen using an Apple pencil. It made the process a lot quicker, and it helped me to loosen up and be bolder with my drawing. Don’t know if I’d use it again though … we’ll see!

Could you tell us a bit about Kitty and Clara’s relationship?

In many ways they’re typical siblings. Clara, the slightly older one, has decided she’s too grown-up for silly things like drawing and going to the zoo and hanging out with her younger sister. Meanwhile Kitty still enjoys all of those things, and actually misses having her sister around.

Do you like going to the zoo? And did you enjoy going as a child?

Yes I do. It’s good to see that the animals have plenty of space to roam about it, and the fact that it helps conserve endangered species is important too. I loved the zoo as a child, there’s something magical about seeing these beautiful animals for the first time.

What is your favourite animal?

The fruit bats. I actually didn’t discover these until I was a grown-up and they stole my heart the first time I saw them. For starters, they’re surprisingly big, so you can really see their cute furry faces and their little paws. They look like teddy bears with wings to me. And they’re so full of character. I honestly could run away with all the fruit bats.


Which illustration was your favourite to draw?

Drumroll …… The FRUIT BATS!

Was the experience of creating this book different to when you working on Let’s See Ireland?

Yes, in that I was far better prepared psychologically for how difficult it is to make a picture book well. It’s so easy to lose control of things like pacing, and for the drawing to lose its consistency. With Let’s See Ireland I went down a lot of blind alley ways before I got to the end of that book. This one was a bit more straightforward.

What was your favourite picture book growing up?

It was an Omnibus of Fairy Tales. I remember I was too young to read the words, and so I would spend what seemed like hours poring over the pictures, making up my own stories.

What’s your next project?

Currently working on a comic for grown-ups … It may be a while yet before it’s finished

Oh and there’s my daily bus sketches. I’ve started to keep a sketchbook record of the people I see on my bus commute every day. There’s an archive of them here: http://www.sarahbowie.com/sketchbooks-1 and I update them Mon-Fri on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarahbowieillustration/

Sarah Bowie, January 2018

We’re Going to the Zoo by Sarah Bowie will be published in February 2018 and will be available here and in all good bookshops! Sarah Bowie’s first picture book, Let’s See Ireland is available here now and in all good bookshops!