Notes from the Design Desk … Best-Loved Irish Legends

BestLovedIrishLegendsWe are just putting the finishing touches to our exciting new Best-Loved Irish Legends with some fantastic illustration by Lisa Jackson.

Lisa has done a great job and really enlivened these great time honoured stories freshly interpreted by Eithne Massey.

The process started with the text which I put into layout, wrote a brief and then sent to Lisa. She then gave us roughs for the whole book such as those below.

Even though they are mythological tales it was important that they had some historical reference, so you will see celtic clothing, crannogs, torcs and celtic knot designs, ogham inscription, and an ancient Irish feast.

The roughs came in and were examined by an in-house team. We asked for some corrections and then Lisa worked on the colour. You can see how some of the images changed between the roughwork stage and the finished artwork. A case in point is the cover of the book. We wanted to illustrate the story that is immediately identifiable as being an Irish Classic so chose The Children of Lir, the initial drawing worked, but was a little bare, see the difference to the finished artwork. You will also see that I changed the typography as it was a little hard to read.


Here is a sample of what this finished book will be like:


This exciting new book will be available on the 7th of September so do rush out and buy a copy!   Emma.