Launches Galore!

We’ve had a few extremely busy weeks so now that it’s all calming down (slightly!) I can tell you about the two wonderful launches we recently had. They were both in the same week, both had subject matter important in Irish culture and both were based around the same time in history!

On Wednesday 28th March the launch of Dublin: One City One Book 2012 took place at the Mansion House in Dublin. We were delighted to publish the official edition of Dubliners as part of the Dublin: One City, One Book campaign. Not only is this book integral to Irish culture, the publication also marks the momentous event that James Joyce’s work is now out of copyright. Dubliners was the chosen book as it is the most accessible of Joyce’s work but also one of the most enjoyable. Joyce is one of Ireland’s most celebrated writers so the Dublin: One City, One Book campaign wants all of Dublin (and Ireland!) to read Dubliners for the month of April! The new edition also includes a fantastic introduction by Irish author John Boyne. He is a lover of Joyce and says ‘… Dubliners is interested in all of us, rich and poor, old and young, men and women. It’s filled with humour and love, pain and loss. Above all, it rings out with a love of these streets, of the voices of the people who inhabit them …’

The Dublin: One City, One Book campaign is supported by a huge range of events around the city which are being run by Dublin City Libraries. The highlight is a concert with The Dubliners at the National Concert Hall, on Friday 13th April. This event will of course be tinged with sadness with the passing of the last founding member, Barney McKenna this week, however the group has decided to proceed with the concert and will dedicate it to his memory.

The launch of Dubliners was attended by many well-known faces including John Boyne, John Sheahan of The Dubliners, Lord Mayor of Dublin Andrew Montague and even James Joyce himself! There was music, singing, sunshine and a yummy tea reception! The streets of Dublin couldn’t have looked better bathed in the fabulous sunshine and the fantastic Dubliners banners dotted around the city designed by our superb designer Emma, stood out like shining beacons!

The second launch of the week was for a groundbreaking biographical series about executed leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising. 16 Lives was a huge challenge but one that was taken on with huge relish by all involved with the project. Over the next five years the sixteen books in the series will be released leading up to the centenary of the Rising in 2016. On the night of Thursday 29th March we launched the first three biographies, James Connolly by Lorcan Collins, Joseph Plunkett by Honor O Brolchain and Michael Mallin by Brian Hughes. The evening was a great opportunity for everyone to see how their hard work had paid off. In the most appropriate and awesome surroundings of the G.P.O. on O’Connell Street, the night was a huge success with over 300 people in attendance. Each of the authors and series editors (Lorcan Collins and Ruan O’Donnell) spoke about what their books and the series meant to each of them and it was clear that the audience held the authors in high regard and esteem with the applause that greeted each of them at the end. It was a fantastic way to kick-off the entire series but it definitely set the bar high for the rest of the series! For more photos of the launches visit our Facebook page and for more information on the books click on the links below:
16 Lives