Guinness is good for us!

As a lovely Valentine’s Day Present we are delighted to announce that The Guinness Story by Edward J Bourke has won the Best Drinks History Book Award at the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, held at the Paris Cookbook Fair last week.

The world of cookbooks has been growing rapidly in the last few years — a good cookbook is something that people are happy to pay for, and the production standards have been rising all the time. I have about two metres of shelving in my kitchen full of these wonderful items, which are almost as comforting as the food they show you how to make!

The Gourmand stand and associated cookery area at the Frankfurt Book Fair last year was stunning: from celebrity cookbooks to single-ingredient titles (there was a whole shelf of books about chocolate, you won’t be surprised to hear) to extremely high-end titles, the range is vast.

So we were delighted to hear that The Guinness Story had been shortlisted, and immensely chuffed to have won! It is particularly gratifying as we put a huge amount of thought into the packaging of the book — a lovely design job by Emma Byrne, and a cover that uses printed cloth with the oval on the front cover stuck on — which makes the book feel lovely in the hand. But not QUITE a good as a pint of plain, I have to admit.

So raise a glass to author Edward J Bourke, and join us in celebrating our first award of 2010!