Dublin 1916 art in

The heat of battle!I just saw some new artwork in that blew me away completely! We have a really exciting project coming this autumn: Blood Upon the Rose: Dublin 1916, a graphic novelisation of the 1916 Easter Rising by Gerry Hunt, with award-winning cartoonist and illustrator BrenB doing the colouring. I had only seen the black-and-white images before, but BrenB has done a really brilliant job on the couple of pages we have here.

When I told Diamond (the comics distribution company) about this book at the Frankfurt Book Fair, they said that they had no real market for non-Superhero comics, but I’m sure we can find a great market for this exciting title.

A traitor!Here are a couple of frames from towards the end of the rising as a taster of what is to come, but this is going to be a really special book.