Books appear in the strangest places!

It’s been a week of Bookspotting in The O’Brien Press. Firstly, there was Bono and The Stolen Village (not the bizarre new title of a U2 album, just check out the post below for an explanation!)

Then a staff member (who chooses to remain anonymous!) was watching the movie Shrooms where the doomed hapless tourists are using our Golden Book of Ireland as their guidebook. Given their grisly fate, I’m not sure how many people would take it as a recommendation, but maybe it’s one for thrillseekers!

Finally, we saw a post on David Maybury’s Blog — he was just in Hong Kong where he saw Judi Curtin‘s books on the shelves, reminding me of the lovely glow I felt when on holidays in France I saw a copy of the French edition of The Leprechaun Who Wished He Wasn’t on the shelves in FNAC!