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I Was a Boy in Belsen
Icebound In The Arctic

The Mystery of Captain Francis Crozier and the Franklin Expedition

Inside the GPO 1916

A First-hand Account

Written by Joe Good, Edited by Maurice Good, Introduced by Robert Ballagh

Gerry Bradley's Life in the IRA

An Irish Voice
Island Boy

Valentia, Skellig and my life at the ocean’s edge

James Connolly


James Joyce

Portrait of a Dubliner

Written by and Illustrated by Alfonso Zapico, Translated by David Prendergast
Jason Sherlock

Great Irish Sports Stars

Joe Cahill

A Life in the IRA

Joey Dunlop

King of the Roads

Written by and Photographs by Stephen Davison
John Charles McQuaid

Ruler of Catholic Ireland

John Hunt

The Man, The Medievalist, The Connoisseur

John MacBride


Joseph Plunkett


The Joyce We Knew

Memoirs of Joyce

Edited by Ulick O'Connor