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Island Boy

Valentia, Skellig and my life at the ocean’s edge

Be Inspired!

Young Irish People Changing the World

Written by Sarah Webb, Illustrated by Graham Corcoran
Paddy Reilly

From The Fields of Athenry to The Dubliners and Beyond

Written by Paddy Reilly, With Tom Gilmore
The Nana
Written by Alice Taylor, Photographs by Emma Byrne

Life, loss and the healing power of nature

Sold into Marriage

One Girl's Living Nightmare

Freedom of Angels

Childhood in Goldenbridge Orphanage

Looking Under Stones

Roots, Family and a Dingle Childhood

Reading the Water

A Life Spent Fishing

Hidden Soldier

An Irish Legionnaire’s Wars from Bosnia to Iraq

There's An Egg in my Soup

... and other adventures of an Irishman in Poland

Trading Paces

From Rat Race to Hen Run

Babyface Goes to Hollywood

Fighters, Mobsters & Film Stars. The Jimmy McLarnin Story

Mother From Hell

Two Brothers, a Sadistic Mother, a Childhood Destroyed.