O'Keeffe, Padraig

PÁDRAIG O'KEEFE is from Cobh, Co Cork. A former Legionnaire, he is now a security expert who works in the most dangerous parts of the world.

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O'Neill, Karl

KARL O’NEILL was born in Armagh, and now lives in Dublin. He is a theatre, radio, and television actor, currently portraying Tim Carney in RTÉ's popular soap 'Fair City'. This Christmas Karl will play the eponymous Wizard of Oz at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast. This is to be the last ever production in that historic venue before it is demolished.

Karl has performed in a wide variety of theatre roles - including Malvolio in 'Twelfth Night', Sir Robert Chiltern in 'An Ideal Husband', and Tarry in 'Tarry Flynn' among others. He has also participated extensively in the musicals of Paul Boyd, playing such diverse parts as Tweedledee/March Hare/White Knight in 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', Father/Fats the Frog/Francis Drake in 'Hansel & Gretel', Louis in 'Red' and Geppetto in 'Pinocchio'). Karl is particularly fond of the parts he has played in these musicals because as far as he is concerned, nothing compares to the palpable anticipation, excitement and honesty of an audience of children.

Karl finished writing The Most Beautiful Letter In The World while rehearsing the Little Red Kettle's production of 'Peter Pan' at the Theatre Royal, Waterford in 2005. Karl feels forever indebted to Anne O'Riordan( the marvellous Peter Pan), as well as to the rest of the fantastic cast of children for all their encouragement when he tentatively passed the story around for comment.

The Most Beautiful Letter In The World was written for Karl's niece Sheena's 9th birthday on Christmas Day 2005. Karl let her 'discover' the story inside a red envelope marked "To you" which he left beside a War Memorial monument in The Mall, a park in Armagh, on that Christmas Eve.

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O'Neill, Lauren

Lauren O’Neill is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Dublin. Originally from Wexford, she moved to Dublin to study in NCAD and stayed. Her work has appeared across a wide variety of areas from advertising campaigns to storybooks and gallery exhibitions. She has illustrated Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, winning the Children’s Books Ireland Merit Award for Illustration, and Blazing a Trail which won the Children's Book of the Year (senior) Irish Book Award in 2018.


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O'Rahilly, Helen

Helen O’Rahilly is a television executive, producer and journalist. A Dubliner, she worked at RTÉ before heading for the BBC in London where she’d spend the next 30 years, with a year’s trip home to be the first woman Director of RTÉ Television. As the executive of BBC One, she helped bring back Doctor Who to TV screens while as an investigative journalist she faced an armed Mafia member in Las Vegas, had a Rottweiler set on her and faced down a chain-wielding gangster. “None of this” she says, “prepared me for being locked up with a feisty 90 year old”.

Helen left London in 2019 and now lives in Dublin with her cats and a mobile phone that never stops ringing.

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O'Reilly, Brendan

Brendan O’Reilly is an illustrator and senior art director in the world of advertising. He is also the first person to climb every mountain in Ireland over 500 metres, despite being as old as the hills himself. He is married to Bernie, and they have two children, Vincent and Isobel.

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O'Reilly, Peter

Peter O'Reilly is the rugby correspondent with the Sunday Times. He has been reporting on rugby since 1995.
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O'Shea, Joe

Joe O'Shea is a journalist and broadcaster, originally from Cork but living and working in Dublin.

He has been writing for a range of national newspapers and broadcast media since he was 19-years-of age, first as a news reporter and then as a feature writer and columnist. He has also devised and presented TV programmes.

Joe has had a passion for history from a very young age. However, being raised on the stories of the great saints, missionaries, freedom fighters and politicians of the Irish diaspora, he was always fascinated by the dark side of Irish history, the Irish men and women who didn't cover themselves in glory, the thieves, traitors, pirates, pimps, mercenaries, killers, slavers and madmen.

In researching this book, he has discovered the forgotten stories of the inglorious Irish who laid waste to empires, transported countless thousands (including, in some cases, their own countrymen) into slavery and indulged in every vice and debased, evil impulse known to man. And he is a little envious.

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O'Sullivan, Moire

MOIRE O’SULLIVAN is a mountain runner, adventure racer, author and mum. Her company, Happy Out Adventures, brings people onto the trails and mountain slopes, teaching them how to enjoy the outdoors happily and safely. She is the author of Mud, Sweat and Tears, Bump, Bike and Baby: Mummy’s Gone Adventure Racing and The Hound From Hanoi.

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O'Sullivan, Sean

Seán O'Sullivan is a fan, gaelic footballer, coach and student - in that order. The 20-year-old got the idea for this book during a physics class three weeks before his Leaving Cert. The Dubliner has been involved with his local club, CLG Na Fianna since he was 6 years old. He coached his first team when he was only 16. Now a DCU student studying a BSc in Education and Training, this is Sean’s debut book.

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