Ash + Salt

Ash + Salt

From Survival to Empowerment after Sexual Assault

Sarah Grace is a sexual assault survivor. On 17 July 2019, she fell asleep like any other night. A burglar broke into her apartment and attacked her as she slept. That violent assault reduced her life to ashes. This powerful account of healing and thriving is also a call to arms.

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Sarah Grace is a sexual assault survivor. On 17 July 2019, she fell asleep like any other night. A burglar broke into her apartment and attacked her as she slept. What followed was a fight for her life. That violent assault blew apart her world, reducing everything in it to ashes.

From that battle, Sarah has waged many more. She had to fight her way through post-traumatic stress, the social stigma around sexual assault and an archaic court system in her bid to ensure her attacker couldn’t do the same to another woman. Some adversities were predictable – nightmares, panic attacks and the devastating loss of self. Others were surprising – toxic social reactions, friends withdrawing and a nightmarish trial that unearthed how heavily the criminal justice system is loaded against victims.

Ash + Salt is a raw and powerful account of healing and thriving after sexual assault. Armed with courage and brazen candour, Sarah takes you through her own story to reveal the experience of a survivor. She offers the tools to survive the assault, its aftermath and the trial, and charts the path back to recovery. Because while ash marks the place of devastation, it is also the fertile soil from which new life can grow.

This is a book for everyone – not just survivors, but their families, friends and colleagues too. Sexual assault affects us all, regardless of background or gender. It is one woman’s personal testimony, but it is also a call to arms. The time to speak up is now.

Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace is a solicitor and certified yoga teacher. Of French and Irish nationality, raised in Japan and France, she obtained an LLB degree in law and French law from University College London and Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas.

After surviving a violent sexual assault in 2019 that turned her life upside-down, Sarah publicly called for changes to Ireland’s criminal justice system for other sexual violence survivors, which culminated in her meeting with Minister for Justice Helen McEntee TD and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in March 2021 to discuss legal reforms.

Through her Instagram account @busywarrioryoga, she shares motivational content, tips on healing, and yoga tutorials.

incendiary, urgent, necessary

The Bookaneer808

a phenomenal book

Newstalk’s Pat Kenny show

When survivors of sexual assault speak out they bury the taboos around this heinous crime and empower other survivors. Thank you Sarah Grace for your strong courageous voice and for putting your experience in to words in your book Ash + Salt

Lord Mayor of Dublin Alison Gilliland

Ash+Salt is a huge achievement & testimony to her experience as a survivor. Thank you Sarah for again sharing your story - we know it will help many others

Noeline Blackwell of the DRCC

an absolutely remarkable person

Live 95’s Limerick Today
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