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The Little Witch Who Can't Spell

Written by and Illustrated by Marie Burlington

Little Willow Witch can’t spell. Her magic spells are all mixed up.
Then she finds a wand, a powerful wizard’s wand...
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The Poison Factory

When Gaz loses his football and his little brother there's nothing for it but to go into the spooky chemical factory to get them back!
But Kanker & Byle is no ordinary factory. Gaz and his friends soon find themselves up to their necks in trouble.

Don't Even Think About It

Anyone who opens my journal will die a slow and horrible death
Liz doesn't want her dad or big-bum Marjorie to know everything she's thinking, so she tells her journal instead.

The Riddle

Written by Felicity Hayes-McCoy, Illustrated by Stephen Hall

An Irish Legend retold – perfect for parents who would like to introduce their children to Irish legends and traditional stories.

Panda Legends 3

Muckeen the Pig

Written by and Illustrated by Fergus Lyons

Muckeen loves being dirty and muddy. And he loves his food. But when he is taken to market Muckeen does not like it at all! Still, Muckeen is a smart pig too and he finds a way out!
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No Shoes for Tom

Written by Una Leavy, Illustrated by Margaret Anne Suggs

Tom just HATES wearing shoes! He has such fun with his bare toes. But then the snow comes …
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Ribbit, Ribbit

Written by Anne Marie Herron, Illustrated by Stephen Hall

Freddy loves being a frog! 'Ribbit, ribbit,' he says when anyone talks to him. It's great fun for a while, then everyone gets tired of Freddy and his antics. But he will not give it up. He is a frog and he will stay a frog. Until Polly comes up with a good idea …
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Fireman Sinead

Written by Anna Donovan, Illustrated by Susan Cooper

Sinead has decided what she will be when she's big – a fireman. There are no women fireman everyone tells her, but Sinead doesn't listen …
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Amy's Wonderful Nest

Written by Gordon Snell, Illustrated by Fergus Lyons

Amy, a little robin, is alone and has to fend for herself. She decides to build a nest, but she doesn't know how!
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The Little Black Sheep

Panda 6

Written by and Illustrated by Elizabeth Shaw

This charming book tells the adventures of an outcast little black sheep: how he saved the whole flock in a snowstorm, put Polo the bossy sheepdog in his place - and gave the shepherd a great idea!

A story about being different, and becoming a hero.

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A Garden for Tom

Written by Una Leavy, Illustrated by Margaret Anne Suggs

Tom would love to have his very own garden and Dad arranges it for him. But Tom is impatient. Things are not growing fast enough for him …

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Sinead the Dancer

Written by Anna Donovan, Illustrated by Susan Cooper

Sinead wants to learn dancing, but what type? Irish dancing? Ballet? Sinead just doesn't fit in. What can she do?
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Katie's Caterpillars

Written by Stephanie Dagg, Illustrated by Stephen Hall

Katie just loves her pet caterpillars. Then she goes on holiday and can't wait to greet them on her return. To her dismay they have changed! Who wants silly old butterflies as pets? Not our Katie …
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Katie's Cake

Written by Stephanie Dagg, Illustrated by Stephen Hall

Katie finds that it's not easy to replace icing once you've licked it all off the cake.
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Granny Makes a Mess

Written by Brianóg Brady Dawson, Illustrated by Michael Connor

Why does everyone blame Danny for the mess, when Granny did it?
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Barry's New Bed

Written by Una Leavy, Illustrated by Moira McNamara

Your first real bed is a big adventure – but a little scary too!
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