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Snip Snip!

Written by Creina Mansfield, Illustrated by Maeve Kelly

Erin loves to cut things with her scissors, but cutting things can cause lots of trouble.
Panda 18

My Dog Lively

Written by Patrick Deeley, Illustrated by Martin Fagan

Jenny finally gets the puppy she has always longed for, but she soon realises that pets can be a lot of hard work.
Panda 19

Bad Hair Day

Written by Catherine Doolan, Illustrated by Maeve Kelly

Finn is trying desperately to be cool, but nothing works. Until he tackles his hair...
Panda 22

Conor's Cowboy Suit

Written by Gillian Perdue, Illustrated by Michael Connor

When Conor's parents give him a present of a cowboy suit he wants to wear it all the time - even to school!
Panda 23

The Big Brother

Written by Stephanie Dagg, Illustrated by Alan Clarke

Dara will soon be a big brother! But what does a big brother do for a little baby?
Panda 24

Conor's Concert

Written by Gillian Perdue, Illustrated by Michael Connor

Conor is learning the piano. He makes up his own very special music. But will it do for the concert?
Panda 26

Strawberry Squirt

Strawberry Squirt is a great game, but the rabbits don't want Short Legs to play.
Panda 27

Muckeen and the UFO

A big silver spaceship beams Muckeen up into the sky!
Panda 28

Helpful Hannah

Hannah is amazing.She can fix anything. Granny would prefer her to knit and sew and cook.
But Granny is in for a surprise one stormy, snowy morning...
Panda 29

Shoestring Soup

The poor man is TIRED of shoestring soup. He tries eating a cookerybook sandwich -- yuck! He even tries being a duck -- Quack Quack! -- to get some nice crusts of bread. But nothing works. What can he do?
Panda 30

Tina and the Tooth Fairy

Written by Gordon Snell, Illustrated by Peter Blodau

Tina is always in trouble! And the tooth fairy? She is never in trouble. Oh dear! How will these two get on? Can they ever have fun together?
Panda 31

Lighthouse Joey

Lighthouse Joey and his friend Danny find a pair of strange boots. Could they belong to the old pirate Jumping Jack?
Panda 33

Pageboy Danny

Written by Brianóg Brady Dawson, Illustrated by Michael Connor

Uncle Ted is getting married and Danny will play a special part at the wedding. But, as usual, Danny has other ideas...
Panda 34

Conor's Canvas

Written by Gillian Perdue, Illustrated by Michael Connor

Conor’s class are all painting special pictures for a show. Will Conor's painting be chosen to hang in a real gallery?
Panda 35

Where's Murphy?

Written by Anna Donovan, Illustrated by Tatyana Feeney

Murphy is Rory’s best friend. Every day they play together. But one day Rory cannot find Murphy ...
Panda 36

Danny's Crazy Christmas

Written by Brianóg Brady Dawson, Illustrated by Michael Connor

Danny decides to dispose of some unwanted presents in order to make room for more of his own, with hilarious consequences...
Panda 37