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The Journey

New and Selected Poems

Mother From Hell

Two Brothers, a Sadistic Mother, a Childhood Destroyed.

Feile Fever
Tales From the Home Farm

Live More, Spend Less, Grow Your Own Food

The Crowded Shadows
Written by Celine Kiernan, Illustrated by Finbarr O'Connor
Mean Streets

Limerick’s Gangland

Holy Terrors

A Boy, Two Brothers, A Stolen Childhood

The Romanian Builder
Written by P.R. Prendergast, Illustrated by Ross Stewart
The Dreaming Tree
Written by Eithne Massey, Illustrated by Marie Thorhauge
I Won't Go To China
Written by Enda Wyley, Illustrated by Marie Thorhauge
Olanna's Big Day
Written by Natasha Mac a'Bháird, Illustrated by Ray Forkan