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Ice Dreams
Written by Grace Wells, Illustrated by Lisa Jackson
The Perfect Name for Your Baby

Beautiful Names from Around the World

Trading Paces

From Rat Race to Hen Run

The Stolen Village

Baltimore and the Barbary Pirates

Das Book of Kells

Eine Entdeckungsreise

Written by George Otto Simms, Translated by Beate Brandt, Illustrated by David Rooney and Eoin O'Brien
Three Kings

Cork . Kilkenny . Tipperary.The Battle for Hurling Supremacy

The Witch in the Woods
Written by Marian Broderick, Illustrated by Francesca Carabelli
Little Croker
Diabolic Downloads
Written by Jim Halligan, Illustrated by Fabian Erlinghäuser
The Little Witch Who Can't Spell
Written by and Illustrated by Marie Burlington
Where's Murphy?
Written by Anna Donovan, Illustrated by Tatyana Feeney
Our Lives Out Loud

In Pursuit of Justice and Equality