All You Need to Know About Menopause

All You Need to Know About Menopause

Irish Times bestseller!

Packed with the latest research and information, this friendly guide will answer all your questions in a down-to-earth, practical way, supported by facts and women’s personal stories throughout.

With Catherine’s expert help you will be empowered and informed, and feeling like yourself again!

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Your symptoms are real. You’re not alone.

There is help for you and it is here!

Everyone’s journey through menopause is different, but we all need support through the challenges it brings. Catherine O’Keeffe is on a mission to shatter the taboo around menopause, and has already provided life-changing information to thousands. Drawing from the latest research, Catherine will answer all your questions about:

  • Gaining control of physical, mental and emotional symptoms
  • Assessing the pros and cons of HRT and alternative therapies
  • How to negotiate menopause in the workplace
  • Which supplements are best for you
  • How nutrition and exercise can help

From hot flushes to mood swings, weight gain to joint ache, brain fog to depression, Menopause Workplace Consultant Catherine O’Keeffe will help you navigate the different stages, from perimenopause onwards.

With Catherine’s expert help you will be empowered and informed, and feeling like yourself again!

Catherine O'Keeffe

Catherine O’Keeffe, founder of Wellness Warrior, is Ireland’s first menopause coach. A self-confessed health geek, she helps organisations big and small to implement a comprehensive menopause strategy that leads to meaningful change. She has helped countless women to embrace their menopause through her talks, her online course and the Menopause Success Summit. For more, see:

Catherine helps women navigate the ins and outs of menopause in this no-nonsense, science-based, and thoughtful book. This is a clear read and a comprehensive review of all things menopause

Lisa Mosconi, PhD, author of international bestselling The XX Brain

A must read for all the women of Ireland! The book navigates the journey through menopause and the effect the menopause has on their bone health and overall wellbeing.  While the book is a very practical guide to those years, there are wonderful nuggets of information for both the public and also for health professionals.  It’s a wonderful gift idea for Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner!

Professor Moira O’Brien

A very comprehensive and holistic overview of the menopause

Dr Brenda Moran

Everything you need to know about menopause is just that! An easy well written guide providing information and advice for woman approaching or who have arrived at the menopausal years. From the 6 M’s of Menopause to HRT options, from Skin Changes to Weight Gain, Catherine has you covered! I love that it can be read in part or whole so a great one for dipping back into if there’s a specific topic you might need to address at various stages of your journey. A must buy for all women

Sherna Malone

Non-Fiction Book of the Week - The wave of positive information and conversation around menopause continues with this book from Catherine O'Keeffe. The woman behind Wellness Warrior is on a mission to shatter the remaining taboos around menopause and get life-changing information into the hands of women. It's a no-nonsense book that draws on science and the latest research to answer almost every question someone might have about the condition. It looks at topics like how to gain control of physical symptoms that can be crippling, as well as the mental and emotional toll. It looks at things like supplements, nutrition and exercise and how they can play a huge role in mitigating symptoms. It looks at established treatment options like HRT with pros and cons explored. It also looks at the latest alternative therapies, and even at negotiating menopause in the workplace

Woman’s Way

The A to Z of Menopause! This book covers all aspects and is a very useful resource. Catherine guides us through every step of our Menopause journey with helpful tips that are easy to follow. It’s also very reassuring to hear about other womens‘ stories and experiences. I love Catherine’s 6 M’s of menopause - essential elements we need to be mindful of during this natural life stage

Lorraine Keane

Drawing from the latest research, ‘All You Need to Know About Menopause’ answers all your questions

West Cork People

A big achievement ... a clever resource ...  an amazing book ... [O’Keefe is] the goddess of menopause'

KCLR’s The Saturday Show with Edward Hayden

Very well named, it’s called All You Need to Know About Menopause, and that’s exactly what is'

WLR FM’s Saturday Café with Maria McCann

'a lovely read, really easy read, so much information … this is for everybody'

Classic Hits' Something for the Weekend with Trina Mara

Menopause is a natural phase of life, but is one full of stereotypes and misconceptions. Ireland’s first “menopause coach”, wellness writer and speaker Catherine O ’Keeffe dismantles all this in her excellent All You Need to Know About Menopause

Image Magazine

This useful book includes a comprehensive section on resources and a bibliography for further reading, including books and peer-reviewed research papers. This will be important for nurse and midwife readers who take an evidence-based approach to treatments. There is also a detailed symptom checker, which would be very helpful prior to an appointment with a health professional

Geraldine Meagan World of Irish Nursing
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