All in the Cooking

All in the Cooking

For many decades, All in the Cooking was the go-to book for anyone studying Home Economics in secondary school. Even today, it is an absolute gem to add to any cookbook collection, where you can relearn all the classic recipes you perfected as a teenager.

Hardback: €17.99
Hardback: 256 pages
Size:207x145 mm
ISBN: 9781847177872

Category: Food and Drink

The bible of the Irish kitchen, back at last by popular demand

First published in 1946, All in the Cooking was a popular textbook in Irish schools until well into the 1970s. It shaped and inspired generations of cooks with its fundamental principles of home economics and classic recipes. 

With a natural emphasis on local ingredients, All in the Cooking covers everything a home cook could want to make – from soups and sauces to fish and meat dishes, breads, cakes and desserts – and offers invaluable instructions for handling ingredients, organising your kitchen and planning meals. 

This classic edition of All in the Cooking is a perfect gift for those who remember it fondly from their schooldays, and an essential manual even for the modern kitchen.

'an absolute true gem to add to my cookbook collection' on All in the Cooking

this back to basics book is right on time … good value and amusingly quaint, but does the job

Irish Examiner

It’s Delia Smith’s cooking course ahead of its time … great to see it back on the shelves


An absolute gem to add to any cookbook or cooking collection … A lovely read and a nice Christmas present

Keith Finnegan Show Galway Bay FM

sure to replicate the success of the recently re-issued English textbook, Soundings

Irish Examiner

very special … a beloved cookbook … long may it [All in the Cooking] continue

C103’s Patricia Messenger Show

believe us … when we tell you that we fell in love with this book immediately, without a photo in sight … remains an essential manual for the modern kitchen, a culinary bible for anyone interested in the basics of cooking … we highly recommend this book for any fledgling cook out there, but it’s equally impressive as a stand-by guide for the more experienced. It’s back by popular demand, and we’re delighted

Easy Food Magazine

I absolutely loved the retro feel of the book from the simplistic cover to the handy measures bookmark

Baba Duck

no nonsense and highly informative … a great snapshot of culinary tastes from a bygone era

Food & Wine Magazine

an old school, no frills, no messing – but one that I think will be hugely useful for generation after generation

Evening Echo

many a granny will happily reminisce over the disciplined, informative, thoroughly-indexed and photo-free pages that are so typical of the era, and recall the successes (and maybe a few failures) of working from one of the many dog-eared copies that were in daily use in Ireland at the time ... Yes, times have changed and the advice given on meal planning, shopping and food storage may seem dated, but the principles are unchanged and anyone running a home or just looking after themselves needs to know the basics if they are do it well, efficiently, economically and enjoyably … There’s a lot of practical detail about all the primary ingredients - fish, meats poultry - including diagrams showing the Irish meat cuts … the basic cooking methods and (happy days) carving. How many of us search around frantically for someone who can make decent hand of carving the Christmas turkey? … All in the Cooking should be a fruitful reference for anyone who enjoys baking - especially anyone running a café or tea shop … There are plenty of the nice old fashioned hot puddings and cold sweets that have been half-forgotten … and there are bound to be a few recipes from the Bread and Cakes chapter that will widen the repertoire and bring smiles to the faces of family, friends and customers alike

Georgina Campbell,

we love it!

Easy Food Magazine

the book has attained near legendary status over the years. Chefs and students of Home Economics remember it well but nobody could get their hands on a copy! Until now...

Irish Food Guide

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