Accelerated Reader - Middle Years

Widely used in schools, Accelerated Reader (see is a collection of books which have been assigned lexical age-ranging using the ATOS for Books measure, and had quizzes created to that students can demonstrate their reading ability and comprehension.

Books that are too easy for children don't give them the challenge they need to make progress. Books that are too complex frustrate them.

Accelerated Reader uses the computer-adaptive STAR Reading test to determine a student's reading age. Teachers get a wealth of feedback, and students are guided towards appropriate books. AR uses either the ATOS or Lexile® measures of text complexity to help children to select books of an appropriate level. This is their 'Zone of Proximal Development' (ZPD).

As children make progress with their reading skills, their ZPD broadens to encompass a wider range of literature.

The titles below have been quizzed for use in the Accelerated Reader programme, widely used in schools, and are considered appropriate to Middle Years readers. Select a range below to see titles deemed appropriate for other age levels

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Football Fiesta

Sports Academy Book 1

Diary Detectives
Written by Erika McGann, Illustrated by Vince Reid
Bernard Dunne

Champion of the World


Tomi Reichental's Holocaust Story

Race the Atlantic Wind

The Flight of Alcock and Brown

Scavenger Hunt
Written by Erika McGann, Illustrated by Vince Reid
Rugby Redzone

Sports Academy Book 2

Gaelic Spirit

Field of Dreams ... Home of History

Animal Crackers

Fantastic Facts About Your Favourite Animals

Written by Sarah Webb and Alan Nolan
The Boldness of Betty

A 1913 Dublin Lockout Novel

Written by Anna Carey, Cover illustration by Lauren O'Neill
Sonia O'Sullivan

Great Irish Sports Stars