A Galway Fairytale

A Galway Fairytale

Written by and Illustrated by Caitriona Sweeney

Seán and Gráinne are hurrying to the market to buy a Claddagh ring for their mam’s birthday. But this is no ordinary shopping trip! Follow the twins as they make new friends, have adventures and even meet a wicked witch on this fairy-tale journey across Galway City.

Hardback: €14.99
Hardback: 32 pages
Size:260x215 mm
ISBN: 9781788492249

An enchanting contemporary take on the Hansel and Gretel fairytale set in modern-day Galway. Features locations such as the Spanish Arch, Salmon Weir Bridge and Eyre Square, as Seán and Gráinne seek out the perfect present for their mother. 

They pack their lunch for the day and set out on their shopping trip. On their travels around the city, they meet a knight, a pirate queen and a fisherman. Sharing their delicious soda bread with each of these character, they accidentally leave a trail of crumbs everywhere they go. When a wicked witch tries to steal the present they have bought for their mother's birthday, their friends leap to the children's rescue, rewarding the kindness they have been shown.

In their hasty retreat from the witch's clutches, Seán and Gráinne are lost in the city. Luckily, they follow their trail of breadcrumbs all the way home - just in time for the party! 

Caitriona Sweeney

Caitriona Sweeney is a writer and illustration artist from Dublin. A Galway Fairytale is her fourth book as an illustrator, but the first she has written as well as illustrated. She is an admirer of nice woolly jumpers, so enjoyed painting several of them into this book.

enchanting fable

Galway Advertiser

In her début, author–illustrator Caitriona Sweeney has created an ode to the city of Galway in a picturebook. In this retelling of the German fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel with an Irish twist, we follow Seán and Gráinne on their quest to locate a Claddagh ring for their mam’s birthday. Full of Irish charm, with recognisable characters from our history and lore, this book will delight young readers as they sift through the vibrant imagery of the landmarks of Galway City. This title is also available as Gaeilge.

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beautiful English and Irish editions … a lovely adventure set amidst the most famous Galway landmarks

Sunday Independent

one foot in modern-day Galway and the other in Irish myth and legend

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