1916: The Rising Handbook

1916: The Rising Handbook

A handbook to the events and locations of the Easter 1916 Rising. This ‘1916 bible’ will be invaluable to anyone with an interest in recent Irish history who wants to separate the facts from the fiction.

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ISBN: 9781847175991

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A handbook to the events and locations of the Easter 1916 Rising.

There are so many different versions of the story of Easter Week 1916. Lorcan Collins, an acknowledged expert on the subject and founder of the 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour, decided that it was time to put together a truthful and factually correct reference book in one handy volume. This ‘1916 bible’ will be invaluable to anyone with an interest in recent Irish history who wants to separate the facts from the fiction.

1916: The Rising Handbook offers bite-sized details about the organisations involved in the Rising, the positions occupied during Easter week, the weapons the rebels and army used, the documents that were passed around, and the speeches that were given. It details the women who came out to fight and profiles the sixteen executed leaders, as well as looking at the rebellion outside of Dublin.

It also utilises three different resources to give the most comprehensive list yet of all of those involved in the Rising. If a relative of yours fought during Easter 1916, you’ll find their name in here.      

Lorcan Collins


fascinating … useful … remarkable … a most useful book to keep to hand when reading others books on the Rising and the subsequent War of Independence as it contains most of the information that one may wish to quickly refer to

Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette

Irish author, historian and lecturer Lorcan Collins sums it all up neatly with this slim volume of forensic facts, true timelines, listings, and biographies of all involved. Accented with maps, drawings, photographs and newspaper clippings, the bite-sized details are easily digestible, and, added-up, are more than filling for either hardcore readers with a passion for the past or those simply looking to see what all the hype is about. Either way, the author has pieced together the puzzle of an historic time and the people who made that history happen

Celtic Life International

Lorcan Collins […] quietly amassed an encyclopaedic knowledge of revolutionary Ireland. That knowledge illuminates every page of 1916 The Rising Handbook, his essential new guide to the uprising. Collins’ book is nothing less than a total immersion in the era, introducing us to its principle players and their often conflicting politics. […] Planned as a reference book and guide to the general reader, 1916 The Rising Handbook is one of the most comprehensive introductions to the revolution you could ever ask for.

Irish Voice

a handy first tool for historians as well as 1916 obsessives

Irish Times

provides a readily available ‘toolbox’ of essential information, interesting facts and indispensable lists to the wider public … to be recommended. It does what it says on the tin and more

Liberty Magazine

a great book … it will bust many myths and end many rows

TV3’s Ireland AM

A fascinating book

Ireland AM, TV3

I can seriously say this hand on heart that if there are two books that all our children should read this year, about 1916, it would be your 1916 The Rising Handbook and Joe Duffy’s Book about the children who lost their lives in it. With the two of those you get an incredible range of views and a breadth of understanding about what actually happened that maybe you and I didn’t get when we went to school….. I hope it sells by the bucketload

Mark Cagney, Ireland AM

if you only buy one title about the Easter Rising, it should be Lorcan Collin’s 1916: The Rising Handbook

Irish News

slim but forensic

RTE Guide


Joe Duffy, Irish Mail on Sunday

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